Gerben J. Zylstra Teaching

Dr. Zylstra directs the Microbial Biology Graduate Program and teaches the following courses:

  1. 16:682:521 (F) Seminar in Microbiology (1)

    Introduction to the breadth of microbiology research at Rutgers.

  2. 16:682:522 (S) Seminar in Microbiology (1)

    Informal discussion of student research projects and of current microbiology literature.

  3. 16:682:504 (S) Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology (3)
    11:680:480 (S) Microbial Genetics & Genomics (3)

    Genetics of bacteria and phage, focusing on replication, repair, transcription, translation, gene regulation, genetic networks, microbial and phage interactions, and different types of phage and their lifestyles.