Vera Gor

PhD Candidate

Department of Linguistics
Rutgers University
18 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


ABOUT ME: I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Linguistics. My research interests are in syntax and semantics, and language acquisition. My dissertation (co-advised by Ken Safir and Kristen Syrett) experimentally probes what licenses or bars co-construal relations in backwards anaphora, apart from c-command. For more information about me and my work, please, follow the liks below.

RECENT: On January 8, 2016, I gave a talk co-authored with Kristen Syrett: "Grammatical Illusions in Subject Comparatives: Acceptable Principle C Violations" in the Experimental Approaches to Syntax and Semantics" session at LSA 2017, Austin, TX. [abstract] [slides]

Last modified: January 9, 2017