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The minor in Science Communication (Subject Code 886) recognizes the pressing need in our technologically-based society to understand and communicate science issues personally and professionally. Students in the minor will learn how to access, understand and communicate evidence-based science information in the context of real-world problems. After completing the minor, students will be better prepared to understand and address the issues in communicating science effectively.

Learning goals

  • Be able to recognize the need for understanding science and the scientific process for evidence-based decision making.
  • Make the connection between science and social science expertise on science communication.
  • Develop an understanding of alternative potentials/venues for careers post-graduation.
  • Improve the communication skills important for a career in medical, dental, veterinary, nursing or allied health fields.
  • Greater understanding of the role of science and scientists.
  • Improve the skills required for the public communication of science and for communicating science between scientists.