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Over the past 12 years the Young Horse Teaching and Research Program has received support from a variety of generous donors, at a variety of levels, many for multiple years.

Sandra Denarski with one of the four she sponsored in 2009, RU PardnerJulie and Peter Richards with RU FiredanceCarla Prentiss with RU Genesis and ErinDr. and Mrs. Bill Meyer with RU Honky Tonk and Kelly

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bauer with the four horses (and associated students!) they supported 2009-2010!Liz Durkin with RU Levi (Class of 2011) and student Jackie Teson.  Joanna Barnish with RU Cassanova (Class of 2010) and Casey and Elyse

Dr. Ralston and Margrit McCrane

Program Support
NEW: Dr. John Walsh/Young Horse Research and Teaching Scholarship for Pre-Veterinary students.  All support is greatly appreciated and if not designated for scholarships goes directly towards the operation and continued improvement of the program. Donations in cash or goods and services can be given at the following levels:
  • "Doctorate": more than $10,000 + on a continuing basis
  • "Masters": $5,000- $9,999
  • "Highest Honors":  $1,000- $4,999
  • "Honors": $500- $999
  • "Baccalaureate": $1- $499
We also encourage potential donors to consider contributing to horse rescue facilities and organizations that are actively trying to place/care for horses in need such as the US Wild Horse and Burro Association, Standardbred Retirement Fund, ReRun, Another Chance4Horses, Mylestone Equine Rescue and many others. There are also lists at the Unwanted Horse Coalition website. Contact Dr. Ralston  for more information: 732-932-94045, Ralston@Aesop.rutgers edu.

Without which the program would not have survived!

2010-2011 Sponsors
Note: links to sponsor websites indicated by blue text
Horse Sponsorship ($2000/horse)
RU Santana: Carla Prentiss
RU Koda: Joanna Barnish and Louis Sorrentino
RU Levi: Liz Durkin

RU Shy Anne: Dr. and Mrs. Bill Meyer, Carol O'Scanlon and Julie Richards
RU Sierra: Katie Vogel, Barbara Earnest, Ann David
RU Sundance Kid: Peter and Julie Richards

RU Sassafras: Dr. and Mrs. Bauer
RU Annie Oakley: Colts Neck Trail Riders Club, Eileen Petruch, President

General Program Support 2010-2011
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bauer

Sandra Denarski
Liz Durkin
Idleacres, Cokato, MN
RealTime Bid

Highest Honors:
Robin Rivello - US Wild Horse and Burro Association
Bureau of Land Management Save the Mustangs Fund
Lawrence Swan
Lenore Carasia and Wells Fargo Matching funds
Auctioneer Col. Dennis Cassidy -
Sandra and Meredith Thomson
Collette Franov
New Jersey Trail Ride Association

Special Friends:
Robin Rivello and the USWHBA
Jose Romero Bosch 
Dr. Jim Kenney, DVM
Dr. Kathy Lackey, DVM
Veterinarians: Keenan-Macalister Equine 

 Dentist: Michael Mullin
 Farrier: Mark Blanda

Past Sponsors, without whose support the program would not exist!
The McCrane Foundation: the primary and sustaining sponsor for the first 10 years! It literally would not exist now without their support in past.

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bauer
Sandra Denarski (Johnson and Johnson matching funds)
Liz Durkin
Idleacres, Inc.
Nutrena, Inc. 

McCauley Bros, Inc
Joanna Barnish
Class of 1954 Fund via Mr. Herb Hersh
Wendy Neininger

Highest Honors:
Carla Prentiss
Meredith and Sandra Thomson
Purina Mills

Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center
Keenan McAlister Equine  (Bordentown, NJ)
Dr. Jim Kenney (Colts Neck, NJ)
Nancy Connelly
Cathy Sims
Dr. and Mrs. William Meyer
Robert Stafford
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Demond 

Ginny & Rick Howard
Hunterdon County Horse & Pony Association
Monmouth County Feed and Supply
The Judge's Choice
Somerset County Horse & Pony Association
Mr. John Maieron
Monmouth Feed and Supply
Rick's Saddle Shop

Special Friends who have helped every year with advice, support and help in so many ways!
  • Barbara and Tricia Haertlein (Hunterdon County Horse & Pony Association)
  • Susan and John Samtak (Somerset Horse & Pony Association)
  • Ellen Weisfeld (Garden State Horse and Carriage Society)
  • Liz Durkin - who bought Miss Genie the first year and has bought 5 other RU grads since! She hosted the wonderful Reunion Party two years ago and is one of our biggest promotors in the show world. We are deeply indebted to her support.
  • Sandra Denarski, the chair of the Rutgers University Board of Equine Advancement
  • Sarah Grossman and her parents, Stefan and Jo, who initiated this website while Sarah was here as a student. 
  • Jane Meggitt - who has written so many wonderful articles about the program
  • Equine Science Center - help with advertising and promotion
  • Julia Peterson - who bought Ubie the first year and has been back every year since!
  • Katie Vogel - who started it all by adopting Winston, a PMU "rescue" foal in 1999 and helping with every auction since!
  • And many, many more!

For questions about the program or the website, please contact Dr. Sarah Ralson at

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