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RU Shy Anne and RU Skylark


August 2012
(Photos by Cindy Ross)

Sky and Shy turned out together on Sky's birthday!
(The first time since weaning!)
April 12, 2012

RU Shy Anne and RU Skylark at the 2011 Rutgers Mustang Auction
May 1, 2011
(Photo by Brianna Stafford)
RU Shy Anne
BLM Mustang
Captured from Muskrat Basin, WY on July 14, 2009
Born Summer 2008

RU Skylark
Born April 12, 2011

Intended use: Part of the equestian program at SunnySide Recreation Area (Monmouth County Park System in Middetown)

August 2013:

The year since the last update has been a big one. Shy is showing great levels of maturity and steals everyone’s hearts.  Sky has grown into a lovely two year old who is full of spunk and looks just like her Momma. (You really have to look closely to see who is who out in the field and sometimes even up close).  They live together in a field with two other mares.

The girls have been part of our horse herd observation and equine psychology classes. They are also the stars of their very own Meet the Mustangs program. Participants have the opportunity to watch Sky and Shy interact and learn about mustangs, horse behavior, horse care and more.

Last fall both girls worked on their trailer loading skills and traveled to Thompson Park to participate in Thompson Park day. They spent the day socializing with visitors and taking in the hustle and bustle of the days. They were rock stars!

Shy Anne was featured in the July 2013 SPUR Newsletter.  Click here to read the article (which includes a picture of Shy)!

August 2012:
Sky has gotten so big and looks so much like mom! She spends most of her time in the dry lot behind the barn with her best buddy, Te. Te is a bay QH gelding who really took her under his wing. Also in that lot are our paint gelding, Indiana and little shetland mare, Taffy. Today for the first time I took Sky out to the big grass field where her mom and some others spend several hours a day. Her mom and another mare took her right in to their little group, however our studdish little shetland gelding, Shuckie, was being a booger as usual. He starting being agressive and terrorizing the girls. So I pulled him out. Each day now he will come out and Sky will go in for some time on grass in the big girl field! All is well with our mustangs. We love them!

May 2012:
Sky is weaned.  We weaned her at about six months and she has several buddies in her little herd now.  Her favorite is our gelding, Te, who really took her under his wing, so to speak.  They share hay and do lots of things together.  He has been a great "uncle."

Shy is doing very well and goes out with three other mares and a gelding pony.  She and her girls have a good time.  

On Sky's first birthday we had an official mother-daughter reunion.  Although they do get to visit with each other frequently over the fence, this was the first time we turned them out together since weaning.  Sky tested out nursing and Shy finally picked up her hind leg and let out a little squeal to say, "No more of that."  Sky got the message.  They just wandered around together.  It was pretty uneventful but cute.  

She is coming along nicely in her training and as you'll see in the video, she should make a very nice and tolerant therapy horse!

Click here to see a video of Shy!

August 3, 2011:
Hope you enjoy the following clips. Shy is doing really well and Sky is just too cute.

Sky meets the big green ball
Sky has some time with Mom
Baby Sky helps with Mom's first ride
More of Shy's first ride
Sky carries the tack
Dismounting Shy
My point of view on Shy
Sky and her ball
Shy cools off in the heat

June 13, 2011:
Shy and Sky are doing great! They have taken everything in stride and act like they have been at Sunnyside for a long time.

They enjoy our daily training sessions and Shy is impressing us very much. She is very trusting and willing to learn. We took them out for a walk on our sensory trail in the woods. Both went over our wooden bridge multiple times and had no worries about it. Their first time in the indoor arena was uneventful even with the manure dumpster truck making lots of noise outside. Shy may actually turn out to be a wonderful therapy horse! We'll see :)  I am so impressed with Shy's hooves and am happy to be keeping her feet natural. Her hoof walls are so strong and thick. Just lovely!

RU Levi

A shiny, happy Levi.
July 27, 2014
(Photo by Jackie Teson)

Levi hanging out with his goat!
July 27, 2014
(Photo by Jackie Teson)

Levi posing with Jackie, his former student.
July 27, 2014
(Photo by Jackie Teson)

Professor Levi and some of his students.
February 3, 2012
(Photo by S. Ralston)

Enjoying a visit from Dr. Ralston
Febrary 3, 2012

(Photo by S. Ralston)

July 2011
(Photos by Jackie Teson)

RU Levi exercising in the roundpen before Ag Field Day.
April 30, 2011
(Photo by Jackie Teson)
BLM Mustang
Captured from Bald Mountain HMA near Battle Mountain, NV on January 7, 2009
Born Summer 2008

Donated as a teaching horse to New Bolton Center!

March 2015:
Levi is now part of RUTH- the Rutgers University Teaching Herd, where he and seven other horses will provide teaching and outreach.  Levi will be a permanent member of the teaching herd.  He is already getting along very well with his new companions, and seems happy and content to be back at Rutgers!

July 27, 2014:
I visited Levi at New Bolton Center today!  He seems happy and has quite a shine to his coat.  He is now living with a goat, who he bosses around very well.  He stood quietly and let me rub and scratch him and he also met my mother, who commented on how calm and gentle he was.  He even let me whack a giant horse fly on him.  He  has definitely filled out a lot- his neck is so thick!  I love getting to visit Levi and it is always hard to leave.  Today is my birthday, and being able to see Levi was a perfect birthday present.

September 2, 2012:
I visited Levi last week and he seems very content. He isn't living with Fat Betty and the donkey anymore-- his new pasturemate is a chestnut mare named "Garincha" (I think that is how it is spelled!). As usual, Levi was very friendly once he became comfortable. He walked away the first time I came up to him, but I had walked more towards his shoulder and once I approached him from his head he was fine. He let me scratch him and stood still very nicely to receive hugs and get his picture taken. I am planning on visiting him again in the fall, since I am now much closer to him. It was GREAT to get to see him!! I am so incredibly grateful that he has been able to have such a good home and is doing so well.  

April 13, 2012:
Levi's neurological issues have improved to such an extent that New Bolton can no longer use him as an effective teaching horse, as the defect is now so slight.  However, Levi will remain at New Bolton Center, courtesy of Liz Durkin.  We are amazed and ecstatic to hear of Levi's improved condition!

February 3, 2012:
Dr. Nolen-Walston is ecstatic with Levi! They had a bit of a problem catching him earlier in January when he had been  happily running free over the winter break, but he is now back into the swing of things and is apparently taking his teaching duties quite seriously.  She also said his "disability" is dramatically improved! His gait deficits, etc are barely noticeable, so he presents a good diagnostic challenge to the vet students.

Levi has decided he needs to "wash" his feet in the automatic waterers almost on a daily basis, much to the dismay of the staff. We need someone to donate a wading pool for him!  Dr. Sue McDonnnell, the behavior expert at New Bolton Center, explained that this is normal behavior for mustangs- it is how they keep their hooves clean and in good health!  He has also decided the mare they use to tease the stallions ("Jump mare" )
is HIS harem member -no other horses allowed to be near her when they are out together. Thank goodness that does not extend to people, so they can still get her out without a problem. But they did have to stop putting other horses out with them!

Levi remains friendly and people-oriented.   After hearing Dr. Ralston's voice, he was waiting eagerly at the stall door to greet her, and he sniffed and nuzzled her when she entered the stall.   

We are thrilled with Levi's success as a teaching horse and the improvement in his gaits.  Thanks again to Liz Durkin for providing him with this chance!

July 25, 2011:
I just got back from visiting Levi at New Bolton!!! I'm happy to report that he looks very good and seems to be very content. He is living with Fat Betty, a 14 year old mare and Zelda, a miniature donkey.  Apparently he is getting along QUITE well with Fat Betty ; ) They have a paddock about the size of maybe two thirds of the Rutgers paddocks, but plenty of grass to go around.  They also have a very large indoor space-- it is basically two of the quarantine stalls put together.  It sounds like Levi has quieted down a bit since arriving at New Bolton.  I asked if he played a lot and they said that he will usually play in the morning but will quiet down for most of the rest the day (it is hot, after all!).  The entire time I was there, he and Fat Betty were just lounging around inside while Zelda grazed outside.  I got to go in and scratch him for a little while, and he definitely still has the same itchy spots around his face and ears (I feel a little bad for Mark Lewis, because at this point I got a bit emotional, woops).  All in all, Levi seemed very well taken care of, very happy and relaxed with life at New Bolton.  It was definitely sad to leave, but Mark said I could come back so I am thinking I will try to visit again before school starts. He let me take a few pictures, which I attached.  Levi was sweating very slightly, which I think was causing some of the splotchy spots on his coat.  The yellow band is an ID band.
- Jackie

June 16, 2011: 
Levi is doing fine, turned out with Fat Betty, a mare who was donated a few years ago. He's being very sweet and enjoying his life of leisure!
RU Santana

Tanner enjoying his new digs! (Clearly after a good roll!)
April, 2012
(Photo by Carly Painter)

Excelling at his new career in dressage!
April 2012

(Photo by Carly Painter)

RU Santana showing off his skills at the 2011 Rutgers Mustang Auction
May 1, 2011
(Photo by Brianna Stafford)
BLM Mustang
Captured from Callaghan HMA, NV on January 5, 2009
Born Summer 2008

Intended use: Dressage

June 2014:
Santana has been sold!  Update from previous owner Kathleen:
I took my time to find Santana the perfect home and had to turn some people away, who were not suitable.  That being said, a local young woman contacted me about him last week.  She does lower level eventing and came to try Santana with her trainer and had a HUGE smile on her face the entire time she rode him! She jumped him and I had her come back and try him again in a lesson with my dressage trainer.  She ordered a vet check immediately (this Friday) and is now the new owner of Santana.  Her father came with her during the vet check and they brought carrots for him.  In addition, I gave her all of his “stuff” that I bought for him – bits, bridles, blankets, pads, sport boots, etc.  She adores him and has promised to keep me apprised of his progress and I have visitation rights.  I cried, but couldn’t have found him a better home.

 I gave her the RU folder and my medical/show papers.  I told her all about you and your program, and would love to put you guys in touch.  My dressage trainer knows her event trainer and all is good.  Santana deserves his “person” and I will always check in on him, especially since he will be right here! The new owner's name is is Holly.

Congratulations to Holly (and Santana)!  It sounds like Santana has found an excellent home. We are so grateful that Kathleen was so dedicated to finding an ideal match for him.  We wish Holly and Santana the best of luck and can't wait for pictures and updates! 

July 7, 2011:
I just wanted to bring  you up-to-speed on "RU Santana's" progress. He has been backed several times recently, by a young lady who is both, a soft & quiet rider. We lunged him and long-lined him for many weeks in preparation, and I think we both knew that backing him would be a "non-event."

Anyway, I continue to board him at a friend's local barn, where I take care of his needs, twice a day. Thus far, he has learned to be fly-sprayed regularly, groomed and hosed. Your team has really done an EXCELLENT job of domesticating these Mustangs - Love him!!!!

I will continue to keep you apprised of Santana's progress and thank you again for this amazing opportunity.
RU Sassafras

Sassy in her element!
March 2015
(Photo by Lesley Sun)

Sassy and her companion, an older Appaloosa mare.
March 2015
(Photo by Lesley Sun)

March 2015
(Photo by Lesley Sun)

RU Sassafras at the 2011 Rutgers Mustang Auction
May 1, 2011
(Photo by Brianna Stafford)
BLM Mustang
Captured from Beattys Butte HMA, OR on September 18, 2009
Born Summer 2009

March 2015:
An update from Sassy's former student, Lesley:

I can safely say she's well fed! Karen (her owner) has moved Sassy to a different paddock to cut down on her access to the very lush grazing spots, and last I saw her, she was keeping an older Appaloosa mare company. I hope that next time I go visit, I can get her to stop eating long enough to snap some better shots (note her pose in the attached pictures - pretty typical of Sassy, isn't it). She's handled all the hurricanes and storms from the past few years quite well. While all the other horses were content in shelter, Sassy apparently spent most of the time outside enjoying the elements.

June 20, 2011:

Sassy is wonderful!! I really enjoy working with her. She is so curious but very sensible. Art really likes her.  He is working on trimming her feet. She is getting better but has a way to go before my farrier should trim her.

Koda looking handsome while Sam mounts!
April 2015

A nice ride on beautiful day!
April 2015

Wondering what's going on on the other side of the fence!
April 2015

He's a big boy now!
June 2011

Koda with his new herdmate Meg
June 2011

RU Koda at the 2011 Rutgers Mustang Auction
May 1, 2011
(Photo by Brianna Stafford)
BLM Mustang
Captured from Callaghan HMA, NV on January 6, 2009
Born Summer 2008

April 2015:
Koda is available for lease, see information below:

Looking to half/full/free lease. Koda needs an  experienced rider who can give him direction under saddle.  He is an intelligent, athletic horse who loves to work.  He can be ridden Western or English, turns on the inside leg, and has a soft mouth.  He's still green, but does WTC.  He is an excellent horse under saddle, but can test his handler on the ground, so he needs someone who will keep him in his place.  He's currently located in Farmingdale, NJ, and I would prefer an on site lease, but will consider off site for the right person.  Serious inquiries only please- he is an amazing horse and I am truly hoping to not have to sell him.

July 25, 2011:

I am very happy to let you know Koda is back home in Howell, after being the little star at Jose's barn for the past two months. Jose has ridden Koda almost ten times already, and was flabbergasted (literally) at how fast Koda picked up on how to come down into the bit and give a slight inside bend when asked. I have gotten on him once and he is so much fun to ride! Jose has made it very clear to me that he would love to "ride Koda everyday for the rest of [his] life." Koda is attached at the hip to Meg, my Belgian draft cross, who adores him as well. Now that we are home, Jose will be coming down occasionally to work with us and keep us on the right track. He is also going to have his French trainer give me a lesson with Meg and Koda every three months while he is in the US. I am also looking at Jaime Topinka Nunn (Melissa Reese's trainer) for giving us dressage lessons, since it is very apparent Koda is made for it.
RU Sierra

Sierra and her former student, Sarah, sharing a special moment.
March 2015

Wow! What a special opportunity!
March 2015

Spring 2011
(Photo by S. Ralston)
BLM Mustang
Captured from Cedar Mountain, Utah on
December 9, 2009
Born Summer 2008

March, 2015:
An update from Sierra's former student, Sarah:

I went to see Sierra (now known as Stang) late last year right before my birthday and got the best birthday present in the world!  Obviously I didn't "really" ride her, I didn't have the gear and had no idea this was even going to happen! But the feeling on being on the horse that I helped tame and train was such an emotional and happy feeling. No words can describe it.

December 31, 2012:
Sierra won fifth place over all in the Central Jersey Horseman's Association year end awards after only 3 shows! She cleaned up! Her owner is so proud (and deservedly so!).

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