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RU The Good Witch (a.k.a. Glinda)
Technically Class of 2009 but went through a second year here!
Saying hello to Lesley Sun
With Kathy Landis and Maggie, who prefers Glinda's company to her mom's!
September 11, 2010
  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x Scar (QH/Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
September 11, 2010:
We visited the farm (Dr. Ralston with Lesley Sun and Nadja Fischlechner). The horses (and mule!) were great!
RU Shivna
Technically Class of 2009 but went through a second year here!

Shivna and Sarge at their new barn.
July 2012

Fall 2011

  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x #18 (QH/Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
July 2012:
I just moved the siblings down to a barn 10 minutes from where I live in Little Egg Harbor; it's full of tiny quarter horses & paints and people there jokingly call my huge pair "the minis". They've settled in well, and we've got access to indoor/outdoor rings and trails, which is great.

I attached a photo from the first day at the new barn (end of June). We're working on getting back in shape, since their previous home was 16 acres of grass and not enough work and they both ended up quite rotund!

November 2011:
Shivna has recovered beautifully from her fetlock injury back in February. I've gotten on her a few times, and she hasn't minded at all, but we're taking it very slow still. She's not too much of a fan of the bridle, at this point, but we're working on that and she picks up on things quickly. (Photo attached of the day we had a friend give a "pony ride"-- you would have thought Shivna had done it a million times. Not a care at all that I was up there.)

May 2010:

Shivna napping with her big brother, RU Sargeant Pepper ('08) even though she is already taller than he is (he is in the foreground)! She is settling in nicely - jumped the fence between them on arrival just to be with Sarge!
RU Pardner (now called Gulliver)
Technically Class of 2009 but went through a second year here!

Brianna and Gulliver enjoying some time in the snow!

Looking handsome!

December, 2011
Photo by Gena Naffin

  • By McCue Tux (Registered APHA) x Belgian #319
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horse, Virden, Manitoba, Canada
  •  Paint,  Belgian
March 2016:
Gulliver is currently living at my friend's house in Tuckerton while I'm at school to save some money and it helps her out.  He's great on the trails as long as you remember to duck, tall horse and tall rider isn't the most forgiving combination in the woods.  I love him more and more as our relationship grows.  Thank you for allowing me to work with him in undergrad and picking out this special boy. 

May 2010:
Gulliver is adjusting to his new surroundings well. He constantly amazes me, so far I have been able to spray his entire body with a spray bottle, hold clippers up against his neck and face (I'm slowly progressing down his body), worn a saddle, a bridle, a blanket, front and back boots, and a surcingle. Oh and if you're curious as to the sizes, Gulliver is a 56" girth, 84" blanket, and large boots. Don't worry, I'm not breaking him until next summer, I would like to have a happy and healthy horse 20 years from now. I put Gully out with my other horse, Mulligan, which is working out very well.
RU Woodstock
  • By Moon Hippie (Appedix QH) x Butch (QH/Percheron)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH Percheron

May 2010:
Just a note to let you know Woody was fine in the trailer and is happily ensconced with some soon to be good friends at High Honors Farm in Somerset.

Thank you for all your attention and please thank the future equine professionals who did such an outstanding job with him.

Col. Henry Rutgers aka "Hank"
(Previously RU Honky Tonk)

Hank posing with his owner.
August 2013

Working hard at summer school!
August 2013

Hank after a long-lining lesson and a bath!
June 2012

December, 2011

November 2010
  • By Prodigal Snifty Hank (Registered APHA) x Ranger (TB/Percheron)
  • Bred by Hiatt Farms, ND
  •  Paint, TB, Percheron
August 2013:
Hank is currently in training and showing great promise. They are taking him along very slowly and carefully,  doing a lot of ground driving and lateral
work which he loves.

June 2012:
Hank is healthy and happy!  The picture shows him after his first long-lining lesson.  He was bathed, buffed, brushed, and needed a nap.  

April 2012:
Dr. Emily, from Mid-AtLantic, just gave him his final round of spring shots, and we measured Hank. In the front, withers down, Hank is a nice 16.1 hands. BUT in the butt area, Hank is already 17 and almost .3 hands!!!!!! It has got to be the good living, when he was younger, at RU; maybe too much late night, take-out, grease trucks with his mustang buddies!

In May, Hank will be starting his long-lining lessons with Aimee. I feel this is great for him for his movement is beautiful. Hank remembers all his free moving routines from RU, he reponds perfectly to the whip movement, not to his butt, but with my hands, and voice. 

Looking forward to seeing you in July. Hank will not be coming, for we also got a figure for his weight, and you don't want him at a picnic! He carries
 his weight very nicely and does not use it against anything/anyone. He is not overweight, just a growing boy...sigh...

February 2011:

Hank is now 15.3 hands. His butt will not stop growing up from the front!!!  BUT he acts like a puppy, following me around. He is excellent with his barn, field manners, and still remembers all his ground work.
RU Marley
February 2011

Marley: "Turk, she's taking our picture!"
Turk: "Yeah, she does that a lot."
Marley: "Let's run away!"
Turk: "Oh, if you insist..."
Marley: "Quick, dodge this way!"
Turk: "He's got to be kidding..."
Turk by a nose!
at Rest
Turk: "Relax, kid. It's too hot to be running around like that!"
Marley: "Yeah, you're right."
June 2010
Photos by Elizabeth Shafer-Nagy
BLM Mustang
Captured from North Stillwater region, Winnemucca, NV

January 2012:
Marley is quietly accepting a rider, has no problems with other horses working in the ring around him, and is learning to direct rein and neck rein.  We are ponying him on the trails to help get him stronger before we move on to harder riding, and he happily walks through the river and is unfazed by most "scary" things on the trail.  The other day, Josh and Marley trotted for the first time, and I watched Marley's eyes and he has the softest, calmest look the entire time.  He is really enjoying having a purpose, and attracting tons of attention.  Marley is living happily in a five acre field with our other quarter horses (Josh and I manage a gorgeous estate in North Jersey.)  I will try to get pictures and video links to you soon.  I just thought that you would be pleased to hear that a very well known dressage trainer was so attracted to Marley's movement that she has been making special trips to our barn just to work with him and Josh.  I can't wait to watch their progress over the next few months.  

February 2011:
Marley wears a saddle and bridle without a problem. He was not a fan of the mounting block in the beginning so we are teaching him that the mounting block is a safe place where he gets to stand and relax. If he tries to leave he has to continue to work. He figured it out very quickly and now sidesteps to get as close to the block as possible and then practically falls asleep. That's why he looks so happy to stand quietly in the pictures. He has been leaned on but not ridden - he still needs some muscle first. Also, the trainer that was holding him is 5'3" and his withers are the same height as her!

June 2010:

Marley and his new best friend, RU Turkleton (a.k.a. Turk of  '08)! They certainly know how to have fun, even in the heat. Marley is still as expressive as ever!
RU Canella and her baby Maggie!
canellas baby
RU Canella and Maggie
Looking to a bright new future!
June 12, 2010
Nadja with Maggie - Canella is in the background!
September 11, 2010
BLM Mustang
Born April 2008 in the Reno, NV holding facility

 September 11, 2010:
We visited the farm (Dr. Ralston with Lesley Sun and Nadja Fischlechner). The horses (and mule!) were great!

June 13, 2010
Canella FINALLY had her baby at 4:30 on June 12th and it's a girl - LANDIS END FARMS NEVADA MAGIC - OR MAGGIE FOR SHORT - look at the pictures: she is the cutest baby in the world (we are a "little" predjudiced). Mom and baby are resting comfortably and are doing very nicely and we are very relieved that they are both healthy. Thanks for everyone's support - we will keep you posted on her progress.
RU Casanova

Working equitation clinic! (Notice the neon reins!)
June 2014

Look at that trot!  Cass lunging like a pro.
June 2014

Post-workout snack?
June 2014

Casanova looking dapper in his RU Grad saddle pad!
August 2013

Proof that Cass lets Ellen sleeps on him while he naps!
August 2013

Left: Cass and Ellen practicing some bareback dressage!
Right: Cass makes a new friend: Kettle the cat.
July 2013

April 2010
BLM Mustang
Captured from North Stillwater region, Winnemucca, NV

June 2014:
Casanova is doing great!  He had a long time off due to a torn tendon but he healed completely, is enjoying being worked and is a nice mover. Ellen has just discovered that he prefers a western saddle so once we buy one will add that to his eclectic get-up: Spanish cavesson as noseband, no bit, neon green rope reins. In one photo you'll see him decked out as a dressage pony for a working equitation clinic. He was so handsome and of course was entertaining, and people thought he was an Iberian. I wish I had a picture of him opening the gate obstacle. There is a whole choreography to it, but he just walked up and nosed it open – so typically efficient of him.

July 2013:
I am happy to report that Casanova has a happy home with my daughter Ellen and me. We met him when he was just turning three and his owner let Ellen work with him on the ground. He has such character and curiosity and the two quickly became attached. We bought him this past winter and so far have been training him in dressage basics. It turns out he loves to jump, so we'll be doing more of that, and he's great on the trail. Sometimes we call him the family dog, because he follows Ellen and generally lets her do whatever she wants to him, including sitting on him while he's napping in his stall. He is also fussed over to a great degree, and all it takes is asking him if he's ready to get groomed and showing him his halter to bring him to the stall door to put his own head in the halter and wait to come out. He's got great herd instincts and his easygoing nature has a soothing effect on the other horses. His stall is in the center of the aisle and he is very happily placed, as he loves company and pays attention to everything going on in the barn. We are looking forward to continuing his training and bringing him to next summer's reunion!

December 4, 2010:

Dawn really enjoys working with Cass, and he's fitting in very nicely at the barn with two very solid turnout buddies.
November 27, 2010:
Cass is doing great and I have never had such pleasure working with a horse like him before. He has a wonderful mind and is more than I expected - I could not be happier!
RU Ramblin' Rose
January 2011
Photos by Stacie Somers
BLM Mustang
Captured from Bald Mountain HMA near Bald Mountain, NV

January 7, 2011:
Rosie is doing wonderfully. She is working on groundwork and had a session with Robin Rivello in the fall and made a lot of progress. We will be backing her next year! 

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