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For updates on RU Shivna, RU Firedance, RU The Good Witch and RU Pardner, visit the Class of 2010 page!

RU Prodigal Son (a.k.a. Hank Jr.)

Photo by Katii Zimmerman
April 2014

Hank Jr. is definitely an overachiever when it comes to jumping!
Photo by Katii Zimmerman
April 2014

Hank and RU Turkleton catching up at the
Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program Reunion!
July 21, 2012

Hank and Dr. Ralston having a great time at the Reunion.
July 21, 2012

The new pool!

Hank has started a summer project- a splash pool maybe?
May 2012

Covering some serious ground!
April 2012

Dr. Ralston sharing a few words with Hank.
April 2012

January 2012- A pre-ride lunge

January 2012- Hank listening beautifully on our second ride!

January 2012- Executing a perfect post-ride bow!

Training Hank
Learning to ground drive - not as advanced as RU Bonnie Jean!

Lessons can be exhausting!

Enjoying a refreshing shower on a hot day with RU Miss Kitty ('02) and RU Sir Galahad ('01)

Photos by Donna Miller
  • By Prodigal Snifty Hank (Registered APHA) x DM (Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Paint  Belgian
  • Height as of 2010: 15.1h at withers; 15.3h at rump
  • Intended use: trail; driving; sidesaddle
August 2013:
He went to his first schooling show at Good Times Farm and did the USDF Intro Test A and B. He got a 68.7 on his first test and a 61.25 on his second (I messed up his entry-most of his scores were 6's and 7's!). Not bad for our first time out!

May 2012:
Since we have told Hank repeatedly that we do not like him emptying the water tank with his hooves, using it as a wading/splashing pool on warm days, he took it upon himself to make his own wading pool... Check out his handywork (hoofywork?).  This horse makes me laugh every day.

January 2012:
Hank and I had our 4th session yesterday. He has "walk fast" and "walk SSSSSSlow", turning and halting down pat so we tried the trot- we were doing figures eights and serpentines in the space of 5 minutes! No fuss, not a foot put wrong. I am SOOO proud of him! He's even getting better at the "bowing down so I can get up without a ladder" idea! :-)

November 2010:

Even though Hank is very tall, sweet and willing, he is still not  mature enough to be ridden without risk to his back. We had briefly considered selling him to a good home but found out they planned to ride him immediately. He is home and we will continue enjoying his antics with Galahad  and have fun playing with him on the ground and ponying him off Galahad. He is still the best horse I've ever owned.

July 2010:
Hank is doing well. He loves to go for walks in the park, ponied by Dr. Ralston and Fling, with RU Sir Galahad ('01) in the rear to make sure he keeps up. Just now learning to ground drive - he picked it up in a single session!

RU Bonnie Jean (a.k.a. Evita)
September 2010

April 2010

Fall 2009
  • Dr. Love (TB/Hanoverian) x Lightning (APHA/Percheron)
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch, Virden, Manitoba, Canada
  • Hanoverian, Thoroughbred, Paint, Percheron  

September 29, 2010:

Bonnie Jean is doing very well and is a real pleasure. I have started to lightly walk her under saddle (very limited trotting) so that she gets a feel for responding and yielding to my leg. All the time and effort that you and your students, my niece and I have put into training Bonnie really seems to be paying off. Accepting a rider (vs bags of bedding) on the saddle was a non-issue. I was able to get on her back and have her very responsive to steering right away.

Many people ask me about Bonnie and her progress. My husband put a Rutgers banner on the barn – she is a good advertisement for your program.

I’m looking forward to riding with RU Bonnie and the Colts Neck Trail Riders next summer.
- Veronica, Owner
RU Mister Mistoffelees (a.k.a. Baby Boy)

Blackie and Miss Genie (Class of 2000) proudly
wearing their ribbons!

Blackie and RU Cluedo (Class of 2006

Blackie looking very handsome!
March, 2012

  • By Najib (TB) x 509  (Percheron)
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horses, Manitoba, Canada
  • TB  Percheron
  • Height as of 2010: 15.1h at withers; 15.3h at rump
  • Weight as of 2010 (by weight tape): 975 lbs
  • Intended use: fox-hunting, hunter/jumpers
February 2012:
Teddy is so grown up and looks fantastic!  He just finished his two-month stint to learn w/t/c and he's a rock star!

April 2010:
He is enjoying hanging out with the other RU graduates - Maggie ('08), Cluedo and Blackie ('06), Rosie ('01) and Miss Genie ('00) - and being reminded of his ground manners.

RU Magnolia (a.k.a. Maggie)

  • By Dr. Love (TB/Hanoverian) x Mary  (APHA/Percheron)
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch, Manitoba, Canada
  • TB Hanoverian Paint
  • Height as of 2010: 15h at withers; 16.3h at rump
  • Weight as of 2010 (by weight tape): 1000 lbs
  • Intended use: fox-hunting, hunter/jumpers
Update April 2010:
Doing well with the other RU graduates - just being reminded of all her ground manners so far.
RU Sebastian

January 2016

Sebastian and Forrest, April 2012
He certainly does make Forrest look like a pony!

April 2012

August 2011

August 2011

August 2011
NOTE: The chestnut shown in the foreground of this photo is a rescue and is for sale.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ralston at

October 2009
  • By McCue Tux (APHA) x 455 (Belgian)
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horses, Manitoba, Canada
  •  Paint Belgian
January 2016
He is around 17.1 now and has really filled out.  We are stabling him in Moorestown at a small family stable.  He is currently working with a hackamore and is doing so well.  We are training him with the natural horsemanship method.  All I hear is how curious and willing he is.  He has even learned how to ground tie.  He is really doing so well! 

He is in the process of learning to balance with a person on his back and this seems to be the most challenging during his canter.  He is such a willing student and very quick and will stand perfectly in cross ties and will stand absolutely still for tacking up and for the hackamore.  Everyone loves him and he is gorgeous- in the summer and clean he looks even better.  He has completely filled out and is healthy and no issues with soundness ever.  He even had his first trail ride a few weeks back with his trainer and from what I was told he did really well.

November 2015:
Sebastian was started under saddle in September and is doing very well.  He is a quick study and has made a lot of progress in the last two months!

April 2012:
Sebastian is over 17 Hands now and is a total sweetheart. Forrest is about 15.1 and in the photos with
 Sebastian he ends up looking like a yearling ;-) 

August 9, 2011:
Sebastian has been started ground driving and has done exceptionally well.  I've also put a saddle on him (no rider) and it was a no fuss process! He is responsive to cues and direction and quite willing. He can be a bit headstrong but we are working on that!  I have had no behavioral issues or problems with other horses.  Currently, he is turned out 24-7 with two other horses and does quite well with that arrangement.  He has not been ridden and we are just allowing him time to grow and develop and  just enjoying being a horse! He has had no health issues and is barefoot and just gets routine trims from the farrier.  Since getting him in 2009, he has grown significantly and is approximately 17 hands. Sebastian is not only beautiful to look at but has a wonderful disposition. As an added bonus, he always comes to greet me in the field which is a pleasure especially when the weather is not so nice!!! I can't say enough about what a wonderful horse he is and as far as I'm concerned he has a permanent home with me for life! I'm grateful for all the work you and the students put into him it really shows!!! Thanks again for a great addition to my family!

November 3, 2010:
Sebastian is fine.....growing and starting to fill out more! He is a very happy boy! Always comes right up to the gate when I go to the farm. He prefers being outside rather than in his stall. If the weather gets really snowy or icy, he will be brought into the barn despite his dislike of it - he lets you know by repeatedly banging his knees into the side of the stall walls! Quite loud given his size! :)
RU My Fair Lady (a.k.a. Eliza)

Champions Eliza and Astrid!
June 2012

October 2010
  • By McCue Tux (APHA) x 334 (Belgian)
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horses, Manitoba, Canada
  •  Paint Belgian
June 2012:
This is Eliza at the Del Valley Driving Show where she was named champion maiden driving horse driven by Astrid Fallon.


November 8, 2010:
RU My Fair Lady is learning to drive at Nearaway Farm. She is proving to be very intelligent and reliable - she was completely unfazed by an encounter with a group of noisy turkeys while she was out driving!

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