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RU Turkleton (a.k.a. Turk)

RU Prodigal Son and Turk at the Rutgers Young Horse
Teaching and Research Program Reunion!
July 21, 2012

Marley: "Turk, she's taking our picture!"
Turk: "Yeah, she does that a lot."
Marley: "Let's run away!"
Turk: "Oh, if you insist..."
Marley: "Quick, dodge this way!"
Turk: "He's got to be kidding..."
Turk by a nose!
at Rest
Turk: "Relax, kid. It's too hot to be running around like that!"
Marley: "Yeah, you're right."
June 2010
Photos by Elizabeth Shafer-Nagy

  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x QH/Belgian mare
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
May 2012:
Update on Turk's experience at the AWS Inspections:
"It went very well, all in all; Turk was so well behaved and looked great.  He was awarded "Red Preferred" and got his brand like a champ!"

April 2012:
We have been riding Turk for about two years now.  In fact, he just got Reserve Champion in the cross rails hunter class at Hunter Farms on Saturday - only his second show!!  When I have time to work him consistently, I have had him jumping courses at about 2'-2'9".  Next, I'm hoping to get him to a rated show and put him in the baby greens, but we have some work to do. We have done a few hunter paces with him, some trail riding, and taken him out for lessons as well. My husband Rob has been enjoying finally having a horse big enough that he really feels comfortable riding him!

We may be taking Turk to the AWS inspections on Sunday, pending available space!

(Click here for more information on the AWS inspections!) 

September 2010:
Turk has gone off to a professional trainer, leaving poor Marley heart broken...

June 2010:
Turk is doing really well - he is over 17 hands! He will be started in training this summer. He is currently a sharing a paddock with RU Marley ('10)! They have quickly formed a tight bond.
RU Sirius

2014 Winter Quarter Showmasters champions!  
We are so proud of this pair!
March 2014

Stephanie's "Throwback Thursday" photo of RU Sirius!  
November 2013

A beautiful pair!
August 2013

August 2013

Sirius and Stephanie finishing a blue ribbon hunter round.
July 2013

Proudly wearing his winnings!
July 2013

Sirius's most recent "room" decorations!
July 2013

A review of RU Sirius's 2012!
January 2013

Sirius and Stephanie in the "Extreme Trail" Contest at the Fair.
September 2012


August 2012

Sirius showing off his new RU Grad saddle pad (and his cross country skills!)

A beautiful family photo!

Sirius and Stephanie at a show in Vermont.  What a pair!

July 2012

Sirius enjoying himself at Eddy Farms.

Proudly showing off a blue ribbon!
July 2012


It is easy to see what was on Sirius's mind in the trailer!

Sirius and Stephanie one one of their first rides together.

Stephanie welcoming Sirius to his new home!
June 2012

March, 2012

June 18, 2011

April 10, 2011

RU Sirius
September 2010
  • By California Special (TB x Percheron mare
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horses, Manitoba, Canada
  • TB  Percheron
October 2015:
From owner Stephanie:
Sirius and I have been chosen to ride with Phillip Dutton this year at the Equine Affaire! He chose us out of at least 100 applicants, there are 4 spots! He has competed up to the 4 star level. Sirius amazed him, and I couldn't be happier!
WOW!  What an amazing opportunity and accomplishment.  Congratulations Stephanie and Sirius!

March 2014:
From owner Stephanie:
I would like to take the time to tell everyone how proud I am of RU Sirius!  I have never experienced the amount of love and teamwork I have with him!  He is truly the best thing in the entire world, and I enjoy every moment spent with him!  So proud that he placed first in all classes at the 2014 Winter Quarter Showmasters at Merideth Manor and was champion!

November 2013:
From owner Stephanie:
Throwback Thursday!  To a day I will never ever forget and to a horse who will never be forgotten!  To the horse who won me the title of being Vermont State Champion in 4H and State Fair Champion.  To my horse, my best friend, and to someone I love with all my heart!  To the horse that will go anywhere and everywhere with me, to the animal who pushes me farther than I've ever been pushed, and to something I will never ever give up on.  My Throwback Thursday goes to R. U. Sirius, who has taught me more than being an equestrian. 

July 2013:
From owner, Stephanie:
Sirius and I are the Vermont state 4H champions of 2013!! I am so proud and I cannot express the excitement and how proud I am of this!! Thank you again for such a wonderful animal and best friend! I couldn't do it without him!
Congratulations to Stephanie and Sirius!!

January 2013:
Sirius has been wonderful!  He's been enjoying the snow and frolicking with his new pasture mate, Target!  I have enjoyed Sirius's presence in my life so much!  He is truly a maginificent animal, and I love him with all of my heart!

September 2012:
We went to an "Extreme Trail" contest at the Fair. Sirius had a great time!

August 2012:
Sirius has been busy.  We will  have a little hunter/jumper show here on the 26th, and then Stephanie is planning to take Sirius to the Fair, friday-tuesday of Labor Day weekend.  

He has been a most wonderful horse.  His training has been remarkably quick-- he goes everywhere and does everything.  She took him to Connecticut for two days two weeks ago, to her grandmother's stable, End of Hunt.  Even critical grandma approved.  He enjoys being admnired!  I hope Sirius is as happy as Stephanie is.

July 2012:

Yesterday we went to another show that featured RU Sirius. He continues to be the best looking horse at these events! I am hoping the saddle pad will arrive soon so we can enhance his presentation even more. Last weekend Sirius was at a Vermont State show and pinned in every class that he was entered.

Click here to see a video of Sirius and Stephanie showing in Vermont on July 22, 2012.  He placed third!

July 2012:
Sirius participated in a "Trail Trials" competition at Eddy Farms in Middlebury.  He had a great time and even won a blue ribbon!

Click here to see a video of Sirius participating in an eventing competition on July 1!

June 2012:

Sirius was in his first show today. He was a bit skeptical, but by the last class won 1st place! I wish I had not been so busy... I did not take a single photo. He looked amazing, all braided and bathed.  Next Sunday, July 1st is our first Horse Trials of the season, and Steph will be riding him in that.

June 2012:

Sirius has had quite a week!  Yesterday he went on an 8 mile trailride, with 7 of his new friends, to benefit St. Jude's. He was a good boy, saw cows, tractors and many new horses.

Today he had his first experience with the overhead loudspeakers in our outdoor ring. We are practicing for our yearly "club class" at the State 4-H Horse Show.  He thought god was talking to him, suggesting he leave the area quickly!! It was very funny to watch him, he is so expressive.  He was very good despite being afraid, and by the end was in formation with the others.  I wish I could send video clips! He is now cantering under saddle.

Stephanie is enjoying him greatly! She has never had a horse with no "issues". He is like a blank slate in many ways, with the benefit of a good, loving start

June 2012:
Yesterday we placed Sirius with a family who have an indoor and show horses. I made the placement because I thought it was in Sirius's best interest to be as highly trained as possible to insure he has a long and healthy life. We look forward to watching him develop new skill sets and will keep you updated.

Sirius will be Stephanie for as long as she wants him in her life. Stephanie is an accomplished rider who plans to train Sirius for eventing.  Her Mother is a local 4-H leader and maintains a
riding stable where she provides lessons. Her family has been in that business for more than twenty years.

August 2011:
Here is a video clip of Sirius from last December.  He  is doing great!

April 2011:
Sirius is doing well and still growing!

June 2010:
Happy in Vermont. Started in harness, already has been hitched and driven!
RU Aurora (a.k.a. Rory)

  • By Moon Hippie (QH) x Butch (QH/Percheron)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Percheron
  • Certified by the American Warmblood Society (AWS) in 2008

Rory has been sold to an excellent new home and has started her training under saddle-already going out on trails!

Rory's doing very well with crosstying. She stands quietly to be rinsed and was excellent for both being clipped and for her bath. Spraying her with fly spray was a bit of a challenge, but we worked through it and in no time she was standing quietly for that too. Every evening Mom turns her out with our yearling, Rita. The two spend their evenings grazing side by side and continue to be best friends. Rory remains, as always, a pleasure to work with and around. We entered Rory in a local fair for her to gain some exposure. She was shown english as both Mom and I only have experience showing draft horses and the girl who helps us knew how to show english. Rory was awesome! She stood very quietly tied to the trailer and for getting all the little braids put into her mane. The lady running the show told Mom that yearlings needed to be shown in a bridle and that Rory would be penalized if she wasn't. We found the mildest bit we could and worked with it at home; Rory did very well with it. She stood second in her class and acted like a perfect lady in the show ring. We were very pleased with her.

RU Mackenzie (a.k.a. Zee)

June 2014
Photo by Chelsea Bullock

June 2010

As a yearling in 2008

  • By Mystic Blue Eyes (Hanoverian) x Baby (TB/QH/Percheron)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • Hanoverian TB
    QH  Percheron
  • Certified by the American Warmblood Society (AWS) in 2008 
June 2010:
She just turned three! She has started wearing a bridle/saddle but no rider yet.

May 2008:
Mackenzie made the trip home great. She walked off the trailer with no problem, said a few little goodbye whinnies to Rory and began exploring her new paddock. She settled right in with no complaints and she loves her new buddy Bunny!
RU Sergeant Pepper (a.k.a. Sarge)

"The minis" at their new barn!
July 2012

Fall 2011

Turkey Trot, Fall 2011
Gallop!Snoozing with his little sister, RU Shivna ('10)
Sniffing flowers at homeSniffing his big brother, RU Hermes ('05) at the AWS inspection

  • By Cadillac Coyjack (QH) x #18 (QH/Belgian)
  • Bred by Hiatt Ranch, ND
  • QH  Belgian
  • Certified by the American Warmblood Society (AWS) in May 2009
July 2012:
I just moved the siblings down to a barn 10 minutes from where I live in Little Egg Harbor; it's full of tiny quarter horses & paints and people there jokingly call my huge pair "the minis". They've settled in well, and we've got access to indoor/outdoor rings and trails, which is great.

I attached a photo from the first day at the new barn (end of June). We're working on getting back in shape, since their previous home was 16 acres of grass and not enough work and they both ended up quite rotund!

November 2011:
On November 12, Sarge went to his first horse show and did walk-trot-canter in English Pleasure. He was great-- a lot more focused than I thought he would be, since he loves to try and make friends with every new horse we see. The class was just three people, and very low key, but it was a great first experience for him.  And then, yesterday, he went on his first trail ride at the Turkey Trot. When he started out, he very much was doing his "we must trot everywhere!" thing, but he settled down quickly and we had a blast! We kept it to the short course, as he and his pasture-mate are not so fit at the moment. (16 acres of grass... I might need to invest in a grazing muzzle next year!)  Definitely need to get out on the trails more, though-- we need to work on water crossings. (I had to hop off and lead him through that creek-- he wouldn't even follow his buddy or the other horses that passed us. Only when he saw me standing in there, my feet soaking wet, would he step into the water... figures!)

April 2010:
He is being started under saddle and enjoying the company of his full suster, RU Shivna ('10) who just joined him!

September 2009:
Sergeant Pepper has been doing very well. He's grown quite a bit, but has kept his same calm, easygoing personality. Everyone at his barn adores him, both for his dashing good looks and his great attitude. Almost nothing really bothers him, and he just takes new things in stride.
Lately, he's developed a new talent-- breaking halters. I don't know how he manages it so often, but he goes through them incredibly fast. Everyone needs a hobby...
Sarge has made a lot of equine-buddies at his barn, and while they don't always follow him, he still tries to lead them in from the paddock. He loves his scratches still, and really enjoys human company and learning new things.
RU Grand Marnier (a.k.a. JD)

October 2011


All grown up in 2010!

Fall 2008
  • By Gringo (Hanoverian) x Cinnamon (Percheron/Clydesdale/TB)
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch Sport Horses, Lenore, Manitoba, Canada
  •  Hanoverian Percheron Clydesdale TB
October 28, 2011:
We went to a dressage show on Oct 9th and JD was great, we won 1st place with a score of
71.85%, which was the high score of the day.  JD continues to be a joy to work with and is so willing to learn and try hard everyday
> >that I have very high hopes for our future.

March 24, 2011:
JD is doing great, he had the winter off from any training, but I moved him to a barn with an indoor for the month of March so I could get a jump on his training. JD is always a barn favorite, he has such a sweet disposition and is always a joy to work with and yet he makes you laugh all the time due to his curious nature and his desire to have new things in his mouth. We have started work in canter this year, he was a little uncoordinated at first but is now coming along nicely. We were able to use the outdoor ring the other day and he made great progress in his canter work, he is such a big horse with a big stride that I think the indoor arena was hard for him to get going and then have to turn so quickly. The outdoor gave him time to think about how to get his hind end under him. My biggest surprise in riding him is how comfortable he is, he has the smoothest gaits, it's a joy to ride him. Thank you to Dr. Ralston and the students that worked with JD, I'm so glad to have him.  My hopes for this year are to go to a dressage show, get him out trail riding a couple times and then a hunter pace.

JD has been wonderful to work with from the day I got him home, he has an easy going attitude that makes it a joy to train him and I look forward to working with him every day. JD has been growing in leaps and bounds and at 1 year 8 months is 16.2 hands.I have just started to ground drive him and it is going very well, I look forward to the spring and more training. And yes he still has his flaxen tail!

January 15, 2010:
JD is doing great! He had 2 months of training in October/November and now he has the winter off. In the spring he will start his more serious [dressage] training. He is a pleasure to work with and he has a great work ethic. JD is 17.1 hands and still growing.
RU Rising Star
Rising Star and Duchess
Posing with RU Duchess ('05, on the right)
  • By Spicy Patch Cola (QH) x Belgian mare
  • Bred by Early Dawn Sport Horses, Manitoba, Canada
  •  QH  Belgian

March 25, 2010
View Star's videos HERE and HERE!

June 11, 2009:
Star is doing wonderfully- she has so much energy!! She is starting natural horsemanship training this week with a Parelli certified instructor. I felt this is this best thing for her (even though it takes longer). She is so intelligent and I think training will go smoothly
RU Valentino

September 2011

September 2011

September 2011

  • By Dr. Love (Hanoverian/TB) x Theresa (QH/Belgian)
  • Bred by Ravine Ranch Sport Horses, Lenore, Manitoba, Canada
  • Hanoverian TB  QH  Belgian

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