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RU Pardner, RU Sebastian, RU Shivna, & RU Prodigal Son with a friend on the western plains
Photos by Victoria Hanke.


Why did the Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program decide to purchase mustangs?


Our program, while conducting non-invasive nutritional and behavioral studies, seeks to promote “at risk” horses that are falsely considered to be either of low ability or difficult to handle. The Premarin industry horses we have used in the past now command high prices (Over $1000 for a weanling!) and are no longer really at risk. Mustangs, however, are widely considered “un-tamable” or “difficult,” and by bringing Marley, Casanova, Rosie, and Ella into our program we hope to change those misconceptions. We are comparing their behavioral responses to our standard training program to those of our already trained draft Cross yearlings and the 4 new untrained draft cross weanlings.

 Mustangs are also reputed to be “easy keepers”, able to gain weight on fewer calories than other domestic horses so we are investigating their nutritional requirements too.



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