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RU Hermes and RU Sergent Pepper meeting for the first time, RU JennyAnyDots at Ag Field Day with student Kristen McGuinness, Tory Hanke settin RU Shivna at auction, RU Tinman at Ag Field Day with student Kate Entwistle
Photos By: Sarah Ralston and Tory Hanke

2008 - 2009 Horse News

September 7, 2008
Written By:
Sarah  Ralston

SIX RU horses were certified at the AWS inspection September 7, 2008 and 4 got Preferred (Red) status!!
  • Uberzaun (Formerly Poco Bueno-class of 2000 (The year he was sold-he is now 9 Years old), Bred by Rod Hiatt, Julia Petersen owner)-68.15: RED!
  • Prince Phillip (AKA: Lars or Skeeter, class of 2006, Bred By Rod Hiatt, Susan and Ole Forsberg owners) 69.3: RED!. His Full Brother, RU Prodigal Son, is in the class of 2009!
  • Black Magic (Class 0f 2006, Bred by Ravine Ranch, Liz Durkin owner) 72.77: RED!
  • Mackenzie (Class of 2008, Bred by Rod Hiatt, Chelsea Bullock owner) 69.? RED!
  • Cluedo (Class of 2006, Bred by Rod Hiatt, Liz Durkin owner) 66: Certified
  • Aurora (Class of 2008, Bred by Rod Hiatt, Patricia Demond owner): 67.? Certified. Her Full Brother, RU Firedance, is in the class of 2009.
I missed seeing the yearlings go, so did not catch their exact scores. But they ALL looked fabulous-I was extremely proud of them all.
Congratulations to their owners!

March 29, 2009

Written By:
Sarah Ralston

RU Graduates Excel!

RU Sir Galahad (class of 2001), owned and ridden by Bill Kaminski and RU Tootsiepop (Class of 2003), owned and ridden by Liz Turrin, competed successfully in the Bunny Hop 25 mile Competitive trail ride. It was Tootsie's first ride and she won 4th place in her division, edging out the more experienced Galahad by only a point or two. He got 5th in the division. Congratulations!

April 28, 2009

Written By:
Sarah Ralston

Rutgers Day/Ag Field Day and Auction report
    The Annual Horse show on Saturday went well. The horses behaved beautifully for the grooming class and there was only one brief moment of excitement when a filly (Jenny) objected to having a chain put over her nose in the handling classes. Unlike previous years where the young horses got a bit too reactive, the biggest problem with some of the horses this year was getting them to move-not stand still! Several also got distracted by watching the masses of people along the outer fence and needed some extra encouragement to listen to their handlers. The judge, Art Taylor, who has been doing this for the past 6 years, said it was the best and most determined group of students he had seen. The horses all looked fabulous, with completely shed out, shiny coats. Check out the photos that Tory Hanke put up over the weekend!. The students had worked really hard and the results showed. I credit Joanne Powell, our senior Horse Supervisor, with the overall success of the Ag Field Day horse show. She filled in for me daily since I had increased teaching duties and gave the students more guidance than I could have done! 

Due to fears regarding diarrhea in a few of the pigs and three of the yearling horses (it turned out to be Cryptosporidia, a bug that only really affects neonates), the University  restricted access to the animals for Ag Field day, which drastically reduced the public exposure to the horses. It was also excruciatingly HOT this year, so the horses did not show off much by running around the paddocks after they were turned out, being content to just graze and look pretty. Unfortunately the restricted contact reduced the opportunity to attract new buyers, which in previous years had been a major benefit to the overall success of the event.

Sunday dawned sunny and hot too. We had only 10 registered bidders for the auction. We did sell 10 horses to good homes-all for only their minimum bids or less, 4 to repeat buyers! Sir Lionel did not go through the auction due to a leg injury but was sold to his very dedicated student, Kim Ward. The 4 horses thatwere not sold were Pardner,  Firedance, Shivna, and The Good Witch (Glinda).  I will keep the yearlings that are not sold here for the next year to do further comparative nutrition studies and  let the students do more advanced ground training exercises (round penning, ground driving, etc) in addition to training the new crop of weanlings/yearlings. 

The students did their usual fabulous job on the yearlings and I think got a lot out of the experience. How to deal with lack of success due to circumstances beyond your control, despite your best efforts, is an important life lesson too!


Click to see photos from Ag Field Day & the Auction!

May 17, 2009
Written By:
Sarah Ralston

More AWS certified/approved RU graduates!
      RU Bo Derek  (Cadillac Coyjack x Belgian cross  #10, Class of 2003) received Red (Preferred status) approval at the American Warmblood Society Inspection in Flemington, NJ yesterday. RU Hermes (Moon Hippie x Belgian #48, Class of 2005) and RU Sergeant Pepper, (Cadillac Coyjack X Belgian cross #18, Class of 2008) were also certified. Congratulations to their owners! See them in the graduate section.


RU Hermes with owner, Mary Kleinelp saying hello to
RU Sargeant Pepper, held by owner, Tory Hanke.  



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