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MSA Class of 2002

Jeffrey M Isaacs


Strength through diversity is the motto of Livingston College. It also could be the motto of the Livingston Alumni Association during the nine consecutive years that Jeff Isaacs LC’84 was its energetic president. When Jeff joined the association 13 years ago, he noted with some measure of frustration that the Livingston Alumni Association was struggling with membership, a significant debt, and a weak relationship with the dean’s office. First as treasurer and then as president, Jeff worked tirelessly to be inclusive and make the Livingston Alumni Association a peer of all the other alumni associations. During his tenure, he increased membership from 220 when he started to more than 900. He also spent countless hours planning association events, obtaining non-profit status for the LAA, and beefing up the association’s role at Homecoming. The dues structure was changed, including giving free membership to graduating seniors. There were two newsletters a year instead of one. The Livingston Pride Awards were expanded and given to more graduates than ever before. LAA members received a host of value-added services, especially the plastic cards that identified them as members. Life members received “permanent” lifetime membership cards, making the LAA only the second alumni association to provide such perks. Only with the LAA stabilized did Jeff become active in the RUAF, which welcomed his expertise as a registered financial consultant. He worked to secure $1,000 each for member associations to enable them to seek non-profit status. Further, he helped negotiate the revenue sharing contract with MBNA and calculated formulas that enabled the smaller associations like the LAA to profit. In fact Jeff says he thought of himself during those years as “a big voice in the RUAF for the little associations.”

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