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Prof Paul de Lacy [ Contact details | Website | Email ]

Prof de Lacy is an associate professor in the Linguistics Department. His research focuses on phonology - the study of the cognitive mechanisms that underly the generation and perception of speech sounds - and its interfaces with other parts of the grammar. He has published numerous articles, a book on markedness, and the Cambridge Handbook of Phonology.



Assistant Director

Shu-hao Shih [ Contact details | Website]

Shu-hao is a senior linguistics graduate student, and currently teaching Phonology (615:315). He is writing his dissertation on the phonology and phonetics of sonority-driven stress, focusing on Gujarati and Paiwan.

Lab Researchers (Current)

Eileen Blum (Spring 2016-)

Eileen is a linguistics graduate student. She is working on stress in Munster Irish. (Paul de Lacy, chair).


Jessyca Campos (Fall 2017-)

Jessyca is a senior linguistics undergraduate student. She is writing her thesis on lexical stress in Spanish L2 speakers (Joseph Casillas (Spanish) and Paul de Lacy, co-chairs).


Luca Iacoponi (Fall 2015-)

Luca is a linguistics graduate student. He is writing his dissertation on formal properties of phonological representation, focusing on surface correspondence (Paul de Lacy and Adam Jardine, co-chairs).


Megan Kenny (Fall 2017-)

Megan is a senior linguistics undergraduate student. She is writing her thesis on the prosody of autistic speech (Karin Stromswold (Psychology) and Paul de Lacy, co-chairs).

Hazel Mitchley(Fall 2016-)

Hazel is a linguistics graduate student. She is working on metrically-conditioned prosody (Paul de Lacy and Akin Akinlabi, co-chairs).

Christopher Oakden (Fall 2017-)

Chris is a linguistics graduate student. He is writing his qualifying paper on Lithuanian prosody (Paul de Lacy, chair).

Francisco Orejarena (Fall 2017-)

Francisco is a linguistics undergraduate student. He is writing his thesis on the phonology of Nevisian Creole (Paul de Lacy, chair).


Shu-hao Shih (Fall 2013-)

Shu-hao is a linguistics graduate student, and assistant director of the lab. He is writing his dissertation on the phonetics and phonology of sonority-driven stress (Paul de Lacy, chair).


Research Assistants (Spring 2018)

Megan Fink, Joyce Jo, Pierce Logan, Erik Lopez, Gabrielle Manahan, Hope McCraw, William Morris, Marimar Suarez, Veronika Szabo, and Dana Weiss.

Shu-hao Shih is supervising Marimar, Hope, and William. Meg Gotowski is supervising Veronika and Erik. Paul de Lacy is supervising Gabrielle, Joyce, Megan, Pierce, and Dana.


Affiliated Faculty

Patrik Bye

Department of Language and Linguistics, The Arctic University of Norway


Joseph Casillas

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers University

Karin Stromswold

Psychology Department and Center for Cognitive Science, Rutgers University



Lab Researchers (Past)

Research Assistants (Fall 2017)

Akari Armatas, Alyssa Dicker, Ashley Martinelli, Ilona Orlova, Jonathan Manczur, Sibyl Ambazhachalil.

- All the students above are being supervised by Shu-hao Shih, and are working on evaluating phonological descriptions of sonority-driven stress.


Vartan Haghverdi (Fall 2014-Spring 2016) [ Website ]

Vartan is a linguistics graduate student. He is working on the phonology and phonetics of schwa in Armenian.


Nick Danis (Fall 2015-Spring 2016) [ Website ]

Nick is a linguistics graduate student. He is writing his doctoral dissertation on complex segments under the direction of Prof Akin Akinlabi.


Aldo Mayro (Fall 2015-Spring 2016)

Aldo is writing his undergraduate thesis on polysyllabic shortening in American English, under the supervision of Karin Stromswold and Paul de Lacy.


Research Assistants (Spring 2016)

Kathalina Alonso, Jessica Cody, Cameron Davidson, Megan Kenny, Dana Matarlo, Fracisco Orejarena, Stephanie Parada, Pooja Patel, Sarah Schrading, Nathanael Wilson, and Nicole Zarrillo.

- Dana has worked on Ngbaka with Nick Danis; Cameron, Megan, Francisco, Sarah, and Nathanael are working on Spanish stress with Paul de Lacy; Kathalina, Jessica, Stephanie, Pooja, and Nicole are working on Gujarati and Mandarin with Shu-hao Shih.


Research Assistants (Fall 2015)

Pooja Patel, Nicole Zarillo, Alexa Chirichella, Stephanie Parada, and Dana Matarlo.

Pooja, Nicole, Alexa, and Stephanie are working on an acoustic analysis of Gujarati schwa, under the direction of Shu-hao Shih. Dana is working on a corpus analysis of Ngbaka, under the direction of Nick Danis.


Shu-hao Shih (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

Shu-hao wrote a Qualifying Paper on Gujarati stress. He has presented his work at several conferences, and plans to publish it soon.


Jessica Ray (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

Jessica wrote her honors thesis on l-vocalization in African American Vernacular English (Supervised by Paul de Lacy & Becky Schulthies).


Fall 2014/Spring 2015 RAs (Glossolalia Project, Gujarati Project, Armenian Project): Jessica Cody, Caitlin Celedano, Sarah Elzayat, Ariana Lutz, Jillian Van Brunt, Pooja Patel


Emily Chen (Spring 2014)

Emily is a junior majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Spanish and Mathematics. She is interested in documentation of endangered languages.


Jessica Ray (Spring 2014)

Jessica is a junior majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology. She is in the SAS Honors Program, and is also working on documenting Neo-Mandaic with Prof Häberl.


Ariel Fremed (Fall 2011 - Spring 2013)

Ariel was a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. She earned a linguistics and sociology double major, and a cognitive science minor, and is now studying Speech Pathology at Columbia. She wrote a thesis on a valid instrument for L1 speaker status in AY 2012.


Bryton McGrath (Fall 2011 - Spring 2013)

Bryton is a senior majoring in Linguistics and Psychology. He aims to go on to study linguistics at the graduate level. He is also heavily involved with student theater as a performer, writer, and director. Bryton was a coordinator on the Phonology Methodology project in AY 2012.


Maureen McGuinness (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Maureen is majoring in Linguistics, Cognitive Science (neurolinguistics), and Chinese. After graduation she hopes to do fieldwork in China, and go on to study for a doctorate in cognitive science. Maureen was a coordinator on the Phonology Methodology project in AY 2012.

Abad, Abdul, Cara Feldscher, Aubrey Frehner, Ariel Fremed, Jude Lafleur, Brianna Losardo, Lauren Maramba, Jenna Stern, Robin Wright (Spring 2013)
This team of students were engaged in the Phonological Methodology project, collating information about properties of evidence cited in phonological research.

Fall 2012

Abdul Abad, Jeff Adler, Chelsea Colonello, Teresa Ducsak, Cara Feldscher, Ala Hassan, Jude Lafleur, Brianna Losardo, Jenna Stern, Robin Wright


Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Ariel Fremed (the Phonological Methodology Project)

Bryton McGrath (the Phonological Methodology Project)


Fall 2010-Spring 2011

Georgia Simon (The Glossolalia Project)


2010, Fall

Lindsey Charbonneau (The Glossolalia Project and the Phonological Methodology Project) (UIndiana Bloomington)

Georgia Simon (The Glossolalia Project) (UMass linguistics program)

Peter Fabian (Phonological Methodology Project) (UC Santa Cruz linguistics)

Jamie Johnson (Phonological Methodology Project)



Michael Opper: The morpho-phonology of Hakka Dialects. Thesis, Rutgers University. Co-supervised with Richard Simmons (Department of Chinese).

Henry Rutgers Scholar Award winner for outstanding thesis
Currently: Graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at U Michigan [webpage]


2010, Spring

Kevin Rosenfield (The Glossolalia Project)

Daniel Rotundo (The Glossolalia Project)


2009, Fall

Lindsey Charbonneau (The Glossolalia Project) (UIndiana Bloomington)

Brian Chen (The Glossolalia Project) (UMemphis-Audiology Program)

Molly Josephson (The Glossolalia Project)

Dakota Killpack (The Glossolalia Project)

Amanda Litchkowski (The Glossolalia Project)

Kaitlyn McNerlin (The Glossolalia Project)

Michael Opper (The Glossolalia Project)

Kevin Rosenfield (The Glossolalia Project)

Daniel Rotundo (The Glossolalia Project)

Allan Schwade (The Glossolalia Project)

June Sultan (The Glossolalia Project)

Jesse Zymet (The Glossolalia Project)

2009, Spring

Kortney Babington (The Glossolalia Project)

Adrienne DeWitt (The Glossolalia Project)

Michael Opper (The Glossolalia Project)

Katarzyna Lupinska (The Glossolalia Project)

Mathias Bullerman (The Glossolalia Project)


Ahmed Al Ghamdi (Phonetics and phonology of Riyadh Saudi Arabic intonation)

Justin Rafferty (Absolute neutralization in German)