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2013: The Aresty website used a picture of Phonolab people and a poster presentation to advertise their research opportunities: Bryton McGrath, Ariel Fremed, and Paul de Lacy are shown in front of their poster at the Aresty Symposium.

The Glossolalia Project (Paul de Lacy) (1997-ongoing)
A decade-long project aiming to produce a large searchable corpus of glossolalia, and an explanation of how the phenomenon works. Four graduate students and over 20 Rutgers undergraduate students have worked on this project with Prof de Lacy.

2011: The following interview with Prof de Lacy was shown on Miracle Detectives (Season 1, Episode 4), by Pilgrim Entertainment.


2009: Linguistics Majors Kortney Babington, Mathias Bullerman, Adrienne DeWitt, Kate Lupinska, and Michael Opper were selected by the Aresty Research Center to participate in a video interview series called "The Undergraduate Research Spotlight".  The students will be interviewed about their research on the phonetics and phonology glossolalia, supervised by Prof Paul de Lacy.