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The site logo contains the following symbols:

These symbols show the partial phonological output representation of the phrase "Phonology and Field Research Laboratory" generated by Paul de Lacy's 'L1 vernacular' phonological module.

Strictly speaking, the representation does not contain IPA symbols (IPA symbols represent speech sounds, not phonological output forms). However, by convention phonological output symbols often have the same form as IPA symbols.

The symbol . marks syllable boundaries that are not also foot or Prosodic Word boundaries. ( ) mark foot boundaries; every foot boundary is also a syllable boundary. { } mark Prosodic Word boundaries; Prosodic Word boundaries are also syllable boundaries. Prosodic levels higher than the Prosodic Word are not shown; intonation symbols are also not shown.

When this phonological output is interpreted by Paul de Lacy's phonetic module and expressed as speech, it sounds like: [WAV] [MP3]