Rutgers University Press prides itself on publishing exemplary books. In the last decade our publishing program has flourished and we are approaching our goal of publishing one hundred books a year. An integral part of a leading public research and teaching university, the Press reflects and is essential to the University’s missions of research, instruction, and service. To carry out these goals, we publish books in print and electronic format in a broad array of disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Fulfilling our mandate to serve the people of New Jersey, we also publish books of scholarly and popular interest on the state and surrounding region.

Like most university presses we are a nonprofit publisher. We select works for publication according to their intellectual and scholarly merit - not primarily for their commercial potential. Some of our most important books have too small an audience to cover their costs. Others need subsidies so that color illustrations or special features may be included. Your donation can help toward the publication of such works or can strengthen our endowment fund, which will provide financial stability for the Press and enable it to maintain and enhance its publishing program.

If you would like to make a donation or would like more information on Rutgers University Press fundraising efforts, please contact:

Marlie Wasserman
Rutgers University Press
732-445-7762 ext. 624