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Daniel M. Ogilvie

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My current area of research is in the Causes and Consequences of Soul Beliefs. Click here to go immediately to the project page.


I obtained my BA and Ph.D. degrees at Harvard University in the 1960's. I also taught at Harvard for a few years before coming to Livingston College Campus of Rutgers University in 1970. I was happy to leave Harvard (I'd been there long enough) and was delighted to participate in the educational experiment called Livingston College. Although the Livingston Campus still exists, the college is now fully integrated into the larger Rutgers, New Brunswick, School of the Arts.

My major areas of interest fall within the elastic boundaries of personality psychology. There is no graduate area in personality psychology at Rutgers, so I have been slotted into the Social Psychology Program and am surrounded by a splendid group of social psychologists as well as colleagues in neuroscience, cognitive, and clinical psychology. These people are nice to me, even though many of them wonder what I do. I have been lucky to work in the midst of such talent and tolerance.

This page was put together by my colleague Tom Cain who noticed that my old website needed to be streamlined. It now contains tabs that lead to information about my research accomplishment and plans, and information about my current course(s). The page requires only rudimentary skills to navigate. Believe me, I can do it myself.

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