Prof. Norris' Make Up Exam Policy

Make up exams are available for students who, for some legitimate reason, can not take the exam at the regular hour. Legitimate excuses include illness, death in the family, accident, requirement to appear in court, having too many exams in a 24 hour period according to the Rutgers policy, absence because of participation in Rutgers Formula Racing national competition. The following excuses are NOT legitimate: alarm didn't go off, not knowing when the exam is being offered, not feeling prepared.

The Rutgers University policy on final exam conflicts can be found here. Please read it closely. Note that: "Exams for courses regularly scheduled in the evenings have priority in terms of space and time over group or conflict exams which might also be scheduled in the evening" (from the RU policy).

If you have a legitimate reason not to take an exam when it is being offered, you may take a make up exam IF AND ONLY IF you have received permission beforehand. The only exception to this rule occurs if you have an accident on the day of the exam. In this case, a make up exam will be arranged upon receipt of proof clearly stating your name and the date. This proof can be a doctor's note, a police report, or a hospital emergency room admission form.
(a) You arrive after the exam with proof that you were in traffic court during the exam. You will NOT be given a make up exam because you knew in advance of the court date and should have acted as soon as you knew before the exam, not afterwards.
(b) Your car breaks down just as you are coming to the exam. You must come with some proof of this: the receipt from the towing (with your name, date and TIME) or a police report.

If you Qualify for a Make Up Exam: In order to get permission for the Make Up Exam you must notify Prof. Norris by email at by the date that he announces. Include in the email
1. Your Name
2. The exact reason for the conflict.
3. A list of the times of ALL of your final exams, with course numbers.