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Phil 556: Probability in Philosophy (Seminar in the Philosophy of Science)

Description: The seminar will discuss various issues concerning epistemic and objective probability. The course divides into three parts. 1. Epistemic Probability; 2. Metaphysics of Objective Probability; 3. Probability in Physics: Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics.
Most of the seminar meetings will focus on discussing a paper (or two papers) with their authors. The line up includes Chris Meacham, Jonathan Weisberg, Michael Strevens, David Albert, Alan Hajek, and others. The schedule will be posted soon. For the first two meetings I will be filling in background on Bayesian accounts of epistemic probability and some views about objective chance.
For background reading look at John Earman's Bayes or Bust?, David Lewis “A Subjectivist’s Guide to Objective Chance” (in vol II of Lewis’ Collected Papers).

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