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Professor Barry Loewer



I am co-PI (with David Albert of Columbia) of a project on the Philosophy of Cosmology funded by a grant from the Templeton Foundation. The goal of the project is define philosophy of Cosmology as a distinctive field within philosophy of science. We will be thinking about issues concerning the multiverse, fine tuning arguments, the direction of time, the interpretations of quantum mechanics, and the metaphysics of laws and objective chance. I am currently writing a book on Laws, Chances, Causation and Conditionals. The theme of the book is a development and defense of a David Lewis like view of laws. Some of my publications related to the book are "David Lewis' Account of Objective Chance", "Conditionals and the Second Law." I have also been working on the relations between special science laws and laws of physics and attempting to answer a question Jerry Fodor poses "Why is there anything except physics"? My recent papers on this issue are "Why is There Anything Except Physics?", "Why There is Anything Except Physics" and "Emergence of Time's Arrow and Special Sciences." And, I can't seem to get away from the problem of mental causation. My most recent paper on this is "Mental Causation or Something Close Enough".

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