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Professor Barry Loewer

Selected Publications

Certain publications are marked as available in pdf form. Others will be available soon.


Why There Is Anything Except Physics. New York: Oxford University Press, (2008).

Edited Volumes

Physicalism and Its Discontents. New York: Cambridge University Press, (2001).
Co-edited with Carl Gillett

Fodor and His Critics. Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, (1991).
Co-edited with Georges Rey


"Why is There Anything Except Physics?", Synthese , (2008), pp. to appear. PDF

"Why There is Anything Except Physics". In Being Reduced: New Essays on Reduction, Explanation, and Causation, Jakob Hohwy and Jesper Kallestrup (ed.), New York: Oxford University Press, (2008) pp. to appear. PDF

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"Counterfactuals and the Second Law". In Causation, Physics, and the Constitution of Reality: Russell's Republic Revisited, Huw Price and Richard Corry (ed.), New York: Oxford University Press, (2007) pp. 293-326. PDF

"On Field's Truth and the Absence of Fact", Philosophical Studies 124(1), (2005), pp. 59-70. PDF

"Time and Law", 0 0, (2004), pp. 21. PDF

"The Philosophy of Physics", 0 0, (2004), pp. 35. PDF

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"David Lewis' Humean Theory of Objective Chance", Philosophy of Science 0, (2004), pp. 17. PDF

"Cotenability and Counterfactual Logics", 0 0, (2004), pp. 17. PDF

"Tails of Schroedinger's Cat", Perspectives on Quantum Reality 0, (2003), pp. 16. PDF

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"Abstract for non Ideal Measurements", 0 0, (2003), pp. 12. PDF
Co-authored with David Albert

"Comments on Jaegwon Kim's Mind and the Physical World", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 65(3), (2002), pp. 655-662.

"From Physics to Physicalism". In Physicalism and Its Discontents, Carl Gillett (ed.), New York: Cambridge University Press, (2001) pp. 37-56. PDF

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"Hector Meets 3-D", Nous Supplement 8, (1994), pp. 389-414.
Co-authored with Marvin Belzer

"Absolute Obligations and Ordered Worlds", Philosophical Studies 72, (1993), pp. 47-70.
Co-authored with Marvin Belzer

"Prima Facie Obligation". In John Searle and His Critics, Ernest Lepore and Robert van Gulick (ed.), Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, (1991) pp. 359-370.
Co-authored with Marvin Belzer

"You Can Say 'That' Again", Midwest Studies in Philosophy 14, (1989), pp. 338-356.
Co-authored with Ernie Lepore

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Co-authored with David Albert

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Co-authored with Ernie Lepore

"Absolute Truth Theories for Modal Languages as Theories of Interpretation", Critica 21, (1989), pp. 43-73.
Co-authored with Ernie Lepore

"Interpreting the Many Worlds Interpretation", Synthese 77, (1988), pp. 195-213.
Co-authored with David Albert

"A Putnam's Progress", Midwest Studies in Philosophy 12, (1988), pp. 459-473.
Co-authored with Ernie Lepore

"Mind Matters", Journal of Philosophy 84, (1987), pp. 630-642.
Co-authored with Ernie Lepore

"From Information to Intentionality", Synthese 70, (1987), pp. 287-317. PDF

"Help for the Good Samaritan Paradox", Philosophical Studies 50, (1986), pp. 117-128. PDF
Co-authored with Marvin Belzer

"Destroying the Concensus", Synthese 62, (1985), pp. 79-96.
Co-authored with Robert Laddaga

"Dyadic Deontic Detachment", Synthese 54, (1983), pp. 295-318. PDF
Co-authored with Marvin Belzer

"The Role of 'Conceptual Role Semantics'", Notre Dame of Formal Logic 23, (1982), pp. 305-315. PDF

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"Leibniz and the Ontological Argument", Philosophical Studies 34, (1978), pp. 105-109. PDF

"Counterfactuals with Disjunctive Antecedents", Journal of Philosophy 73, (1976), pp. 531-536.

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