Secondary Materials About Louie Clay (né Louie Crew)

Last updated: July 2, 2015

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  1. "[No Title]," Walking With Integrity 1.2 (May 1992): 31. Announces Crew's E-Directory of Lesbigay Christians
  2. "[untitled]," Voice 47.6 (September 1999): 7. Picture of Crew with others attending the 25th anniversary service of women's ordination in Philadelphia
  3. "`Healers' of Gays Find a Venue at D.C. Church," Washington Times January 29, 1994. By Larry Witham. Quotes Crew in support for freedom of his enemies' speech
  4. "101 Reasons to Be Episcopalian by Louie Crew," Christian Book Review Online from October 10, 2012.
  5. "2004 in Review," Communique from Integrity Alabama December 2004: 2. Notes Crew's sermon and dinner to celebrate feast of Aelred in January; notes Crew's participation in August in the Jonathan Daniels pilgrimage and his reflections at an event afterward
  6. "2015 Louie Crew Clay Grants," The Oasis from June 2, 2015. Identifies recipients of four grants, named for Clay, by the Oasis, an lgbtq ministry of the Dioocese of Newark
  7. "AAC excels at shutting doors ," from October 10, 2003. By Kevin Jones, regarding banning of Crew at the summit of the American Anglican Council
  8. "About Our Group," Gay Task Force News Conference 1978. Notes Babara Gittings' materials in The Gay Academic
  9. "Academic Homophobia," L. I. Connection. No date on copy Crew retains. Carries dateline 'IGNA' (International Gay News Association). No page given. Reports article in College English by Louie Crew and Karen Keener, pubd in 1981
  10. "Academics: Chalking Up Gay Lessons," Advocate #325 (1981): 17-19, 48. Features material about John DeCecco, Sharon Raphael, Louie Crew, and Martin Duberman. Includes photos of each
  11. "Acceptance of UTO Funds Questioned," Living Church 229.12 (September 19, 2004): 6. Reports Crew's open letter to the Archbishop of Uganda seeking clarification of why the Archbishop claims to be rejecting funds while still accepting them
  12. "Acknowlegments," Church Publishing Inc. in Diversity or Disunity? Reflections on Lambeth 1998 by James Solheim. 1999. Acknowledges Crew's help as 'invaluable' in the web reports he published on the 1998 Lambeth Conference. See p. vii
  13. "Addendum," Episcopalian March 1979: 18. Account of Crew's vindication by his Georgia parish, which earlier had asked him to leave
  14. "Adult Forums Proved to be Effective and Needed," Grace Notes: E-Parish News [Grace Van Vorst, Jersey City] Summer 2004: Message 9. Reports on parish survey regarding forums, in one of which Louie Crew participated
  15. "Advocates gather to claim blessing rite for same-sex couples," Episcopal News Service 11/11/02 by Jan Nunley, who sites Crew: `Same-sex blessing is not the cutting edge issue for the church, nor should it be... [It] is stealing time from our common goal of mission'
  16. "Affirming the Ministry of the Laity," Trinity News [Trinity Church, Wall Street, NYC] 39.3 (Michaelmas 1992): 6-15. Elizabeth Eisenstadt reports that Crew 'eloquently' spoke with the Archbishop of Canterbury at a national lay leadership conference
  17. "Afterword," Queers! For Christ's Sake Robert Peter's commentary from 2004
  18. "Al-Fatiha and the First North American LGBTQ Muslim Conference," From October 1999. Includes comments about Crew's presentation at the conference.
  19. "All Souls Excommunicates Local Newsletter Publisher," Asheville Citizen Times Friday, June 9, 2000: 1. John Boyle and Jason Sanford report excommunication of Lewis Green for disrupting mass to protest gays. Quotes Crew
  20. "An Ardent Environmentalist, Li Min Hua," Campus Community News [Chinese University of Hong Kong] No. 15: June 1986: 3. Reports Crew's comparison of automobile expenses in Wisconsin and Hong Kong
  21. "Analyze Your Writing," Church Bytes 62 (June 1, 1992): 9. 'If you are serious about improving your writing, just the program Stlyed alone is worth the price'
  22. "And God Said, 'Looo - Ti!'*," Wellspring Winter 1997: 6-7. By The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton. A story to honor and celebrate the 60th birthday of Louie Crew
  23. "Anglican Church Sexuality Consultation in Brazil," Changing Attitude from 2002. Reports that Crew's suggestion prompted the consultation (at which Crew participated in Rio)
  24. "Anglican Poetry Contest Winners!," Anglican Beach Party 2009
  25. "Anglican World Wide Web wars," Scripps Howard News Service Terry Mattingly's column for 5/30/2001. Sites Crew's Anglican pages as a `sprawling site' to which `The church's left wing has long looked for news and commentary'
  26. "Anglicans say bishop rift imperils 'unity'," Boston Globe 10/17/2003 By Charles M. Sennott, Globe Staff and AP reports.
  27. "Anglicans stay united for now, but homosexuality still divisive issue ," Oklahoma Daily [] by Andrea Gerlin and Jim Remsen - Knight-Ridder Tribune from October 17, 2003
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  29. "Archbishop Asks for Time To Work it Out," Capital Gay week ending May 31, 1991. Report cites Crew's exchange of letters with the Archbishop of Canterbury. [London]
  30. "Are We Too Radical or Too Conservative?," Voice of Integrity 3.1 (Winter 1993): 14-15. Kim Byham assesses shifting views of the organization and of Louie Crew, founder, in light of Robert Williams's criticism
  31. "As Eye See It: The Central Heresy of the Episcopal Church," VirtueOnline by John Becker from 8/31/2007. `This has all come about because Jack Spong and Louie Crew have jointly made a full frontal attack on the rudiments of the Christian Faith'
  32. "Ash Wednesday: Joy Anyway," Clark West's Blogspot Sermon at Cornell University on February 17, 2010, pointing to Louie Crew and Ernest Clay for their audacity to hope in the middle of adversity
  33. "At Axis of Episcopal Split, an Anti-Gay Nigerian," New York Times December 25, 2006. By Lydia Polgreen and Laurie Goodstein. At beginning Archbishop Peter Akinola describes his 'wonder and horror' upon meeting Crew and Clay
  34. "Atlants Pride Calendar," Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionJune 21, 2006, page 32. Notes that Crew will be the speaker at Gay Pride Eucharist as All Saints in Atlanta on June 21.
  35. "Attitudes Towards Electronic Communication," Communications Legislative Committee of the 72nd General Convention from March 1998. Many cite Crew's Anglican pages as a model
  36. "Authors Appearing at GAAMC," Challenge 15.4 (April 1991): 1. Newsletter of Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County. Reports April 6 appearance by Ernest Clay and Louie Crew. See also 10
  37. "av. Gay and Christian," Central Michigan University, Department of Religion 1981. A videotape of several lectures by Crew at CMU
  38. "av. Several Evenings with Louie Crew," Nothing To Hide 1983. Cable Access TV in Madison, Wisconsin and available for distribution elsewhere
  39. "Barf Bag Warning - TEC, the Movie," Still on PatrolApril 30, 2007. David C. Trimble's review of `Not That Kind of Christian,' an 80-minute film featuring Louie Crew, Ernest Clay, Bishop Gene Robinson, et al.
  40. "Barry Stopfel Ordained; Louie Crew Breaks Eucharistic Fast," Outlook Oct/Nov. 1991: 15. Nick Dowen reports
  41. "Basic English & Poetease," Shareware Magazine 3.6 (1989):32. New listing from PC-SIG, as Disk No. 1181
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  43. "Basica Suggestions," Foglight 4.8 (May 1989): 4-5. By Garth Bennett. Responds to my BASICA Tips in December 1989 issue
  44. "Battle Lines Form in House of Deputies As Sexuality Amendment Surfaces," Diocese of Southwest Florida Summer 2000. Jim DeLa reports on Crew's attempt to amend A052 (ENS)
  45. "'Beauty', spirituality and India make up next week's Spectrum 6 fare," Stabroek News [Guyana]] June 12, 2010 in The Scene. Report that Not That Kind of Christian will be part of film festival and shown on June 15, 2010.
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  47. "Benefits Await Court Ruling," Daily Targum 2/21/97: 1, 4. Christopher Carbone reports Appeals Court Hearing on benefits suit in which Crew is a complainant
  48. "Benefits Battle," Trentonian 2/21/97: 18. Associated Press coverage of NJ Court of Appeals hearing on benefits case in which Crew is one of the complainants
  49. "Best way to find out about new research on issue of sexuality," Chronicle of Higher Education 45.23 (April 23, 1999): A16. Promotes Crew's E-Directory of Lesbigay Scholars
  50. "Beyond Bishops," Witness General Convention Supplement 1994: 37. Louie Crew is chosen as one of 20 laypeople whom members of the Consultation feel should be inducted into a bishops' hall of fame
  51. "Bishop Beckham Countermands General Convention," Parsonage News 8.11 (November 1989): 1-2. Weston Milliken reports Beckham's response to Crew. See Witness 72.9 (September 1989)
  52. "Bishop Benitez's snub of leader not acceptable behavior to God," Houston Post July 18, 1992. By Charles P. Thobae. Cites flurry of correspondence The Bishop of Texas had with 'Lewie Crew, the founder of Integrity'
  53. "Bishop Coadjutor Consecrated in the Diocese of Newark," Living Church 217.24:6 (December 13, 1998). Notes that Crew, Bishop Cathy Roskam, and the Rev. Fletcher Harper were the three preachers of the sermon at the consecration
  54. "Bishop Lee's Choice," New York Times Magazine January 4, 2004 by Michael Massing. Indicates that Crew says as many as 20% of the clergy in the Episcopal Church are gay.
  55. "Bishop Revisits a 1977 Point of View," Voice of Integrity Fall 1991: 28-29. The Rt. Rev. Bennet Sims, retired Bishop of Atlanta, repents of his abuse of Louie Crew
  56. "Bishop Righter to Be Tried for Heresy," The Voice September 1995: 2, 9. Discusses revelation to Louie Crew by Bp. Salmon of South Carolina that he knowingly scape-goated lesbians and gays in agreeing to the trial
  57. "Bishop Swing: We've Gone about as Far as We Can Go!," Voice of Integrity 4.1 (Winter 1994): 42-43. Includes `Dr. Crew Responds:', a copy of Crew's letter to the Bishop of California, Oct. 18, 1993
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  59. "'Bishop-bashers' push for accountability," Witness 79.11 (November 1996): 27. Katie Sherod's account of the Rio Grande conference in October, at which I was a keynote. See also EIN News
  60. "Bishop's Cross," Voice 48.2 (March 2000): 3. By Lisa Green. Reports Louie Crew as the recipient of the Bishop's Cross from Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, the highest honor in the Diocese of Newark
  61. "Bivins Comments," Macon Courier Wednesday, April 28, 1976. Bivins, a member of the Concerned Citizens League on Public Awareness, writes about attacks on Crew by Crew's parish in Ft. Valley, GA
  62. "Blacks, Gay, Whites: Common Fiction?," Our Horizons 1.7 (December 9, 1981): 1-2. Reports Crew's keynote address at the 1st anniversary of BWMT/Milwaukee (Nov. 21, 1981)
  63. "Blessed are they who have not seen gay Africans," Wellspring 3:3 (September 2001): 5. The Rev. Canon Elizabeth Kaeton reports Sybille Ng Nyeck's visit, with a photograph of Nyeck and Crew
  64. "Bloggers Keep the Faith, Contentiously," USA Today. November 27, 2007. Cathy Lynn Grossman includes Louie Crew's Natter/Blog as one of 2 Episcopal blogspots in her ecumenical report
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  69. "Book of Revelations," Different Light Review 2.3 (Fall/Winter 1991): 23. Reviewer's blurb for Crew's new book
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  77. "Bringing Public Schools Into the High-Tech Era," South China Morning Post April 1987: 4. By Claudia Nalven. Quotes Crew extensively about faculty illiteracy
  78. "Bronze Award in `Religion and Ethics'," Worldfest Houston 2007 award in the film festival for `Not That Kind of Christian,' starring Louie Crew, Ernest Clay, Bishop Spong, Bishop Robinson, David Virtue et al.
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  88. "Cast of Characters Countdown: Louie Clay (Crew)," Spirit of a LiberalIn his blog, RW Holmen reports on the characters in his forthcoming book, Queer Clergy. From November 15, 2013.
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  101. "Church Has Also Experienced Evolution: Can Anyone Withhold Marriage from Those Who Have Received the Holy Spirit Just As We Have?," The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette By The Rev. Lowell Grisham, May 20, 2012. Mentions the Clay/Crew marriage as bearing the fruits of the spirit
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