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Executive Council and 20/20

Executive Council did not reject the vision of 20/20.  We unanimously and
enthusiastically endorsed the vision, as had General Convention.

General Convention asked the Task Force to give us a plan for carrying out
that vision.  They did not.  A 20/20 Strategy Group is now being appointed
to come up with a plan to carry the vision forward with specific
strategies.  They will meet in late January, and Council will meet again
on February 22-26, in San Antonio.  These are promising activities,
engaging more and more people as the vision goes forward.

Of course Executive Council is 'territorial.' That is our constitutional
and canonical responsibility.  We will not throw your tithes and offerings
at unspecified strategies.

Of course The Episcopal Church needs to move beyond maintenance, but
saying that does not get us there.  Not every body who is talking about
church growth knows how to do it.  Not every body who is preaching good
news knows effective ways to take it to the world.

Nothing now is stopping anyone who wants the vision to be realized.  That
responsibility falls on the shoulder of each one of us.  We could move
forward dramatically towards our goal if everyone now attending regularly
invited just one new person to church per year, and even more if we did it
four times a year.  Ask people why they became Episcopalians, and the
answers most give require them to get in the door first.  But we have to
want them there before we will invite them, and if we're going to grow, we
need to love the world as much as Jesus does, not just those folks that
are like us.

Member of Executive Council

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