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Re: We all need Berkeley Divinity School; how can we all help?

Why is all the focus on Dr. Franklin?  Shouldn't it be on the trustees?

TRUSTEE: "a person or member of a board given control or powers of
administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer
it solely for the purposes specified"  (Oxford English Dictionary)  By
their own admission they have not done that.  Should they not resign?

The seminary has not had a proper audit for a decade, because this was
standard practice in the old days!  Why should anyone give a dime to them
until they acknowledge the out-and-out stupidity and irresponsibility of
that practice?

The trustees "explanation" of what happened will redound with negative
effects on ECUSA fund raising well beyond Yale.  

Persons on this list have complained repeatedly about how little attention
the national media give to the Episcopal Church.  The trustees at
Berkeley/Yale changed that.  The NY TIMES, CNN, AP,......

In a private post, I will suggest a speedy way you can contact all
Episcopal 953 ECUSA living clergy who have been to Yale.  Indeed, we all
have a big stake in seeing this mess cleared up and confidence restored.


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