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Re: [HoB/D] Worth reading

> Sometimes it is in dividing the furniture that couples find memories
> and reasons to reset priorities and discover a basis to come back
> together.  

Please don't leave.  No one has a monopoly on the truth.  I certainly do

I may be wrong about convictions that I hold in earnest.  It is not
important that you and I agree.  It is important that we love God, love
one another, and love the world as God does.

It is also very important to the Episcopal Church and to the General
Convention to have your prophecy.  If you think you are not heard now, you
will be heard even less if you leave.

The Anglican Church would never have gotten off the ground if it had 
required uniformity.  We have survived many divisions more formidable 
than those that now trouble us, and with our cooperation, God has a 
Great Commission for us to do together.  

Whatever you decide, may God bless you and use you to bring good news to
all whom you serve.


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