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the utility of lesbigay people to the world

I have long felt that the world ought to agree voluntarily to reduce 
the human population to one-quarter the current size over the next three
generations.  That could be done in ways to assure high qualitiy life for
our species and for all its subgroups at a rate sustainable indefinitely.

Maybe the best utility of lesbigay persons in that argument would be our
ability to speak candidly outside the box of procreation.   Fat chance of
our getting a hearing, however!

I have been haunted lately by the lines from a poem by Robinson Jeffers
that I first read 50 years ago:  "The same heart-breaking beauty will
still be here when there is no longer any heart left to break for
it."  Our species has seen to it that thousands of others have gone
extinct.  Only sane thinking and doing justice can prevent our facing the
same fate.

Joy anyway!


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