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Re: Discouraging rant from family member

Hmm.  I am uncomfortable trashing the celebration. Our complaints about
the enjoyment of Christmas and Easter by those who are not religious seem
Puritanical and self-righteous at worst, and at the least, stingy.

"Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes
and ale?"  Twelfth Night II.iii

Most Christians enjoy with impunity the festivals pagans started.  Should
we stop celebrating the changes of season merely because pagans had first
dibs on celebrating those?

In the West, Easter itself is set according to a pagan formula:  the first
Sunday after the first full moon after the Equinox.

Should we glumly lock our doors when witches and goblins come to
trick-or-treat on Halloween, a festival with origins in the religions
'replaced' by Christianity?

The non-religous long ago took control of both Christmas and Easter as
practiced by most of the populace.  For well over a hundred years
Christians have attested to that loss of control by talking about 'putting
Christ back into Christmas.'

It's probably a better use of our time, though harder, to talk about
putting Christ back into our lives, not just in sentimental settings such
as Christmas cards and table decorations.  We might begin by loving
non-believers with whom we disagree as much as Christ loves them, for he
loves them just as much as he loves us.  When he was among us, he spent
far more time with the non-religious than with the Pharisees.


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