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Re: Why do you ask

> Why not Oprah?  It's a national broadcast in response to a national
> crisis, and she's a nationally known celebrity.  Besides, she's
> a smart person who inspires people to use their abilities and
> do good things, and that's helpful, especially in times like
> these.
> Yes, she's a corporation like Martha Stewart, but it was just
> Oprah on the podium in Yankee Stadium.  Not a goddess but a highly
> regarded person and, yes, leader.

Those of us in the English Department at the University of Alabama in the
1960s used to complain bitterly about the attention given to our
colleague, coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, the most respected football coach in
the country at the time.  I have not been to a football game since my
freshman year in college, and I don't even know how many innings a game
has.  But looking back, I feel We wasted our time.  We should have tried
to be the best English Department in the country with the same commitment
and skill that he brought to his task.

I'm not so sure that Oprah's religion is just "Civil."  Long before
churches took any notice, she addressed many moral crises and brought them
in compelling, personal ways right into the living room of most of
America, including the plight of battered women, the dire straits of black
colleges, the basic humanity of lesbigays...  Before Oprah, the chief icon
of a black woman in the USA was Aunt Jemima.

I'm not a fan of talk shows, but I note with respect that Oprah has
maintained a high standard and has not stooped to the vulgar antics of
Geraldo, Jerry, Ontell (?)... and others.

Oprah is not selfish, as are so many celebrities.  I would not be
surprised if she has given away more money than the DFMS in the last 10-20
years, not to mention the amounts that she has prompted others to give.

The bishops on the podium would never have had the opportunity to reach so
many people had Oprah not been there, and certainly not with her moral
credibility.  Maybe Oprah can help Bishop Sisk restore some of the moral
respect lost to ECUSA by the recently retired Bishop of New York.


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