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Re: Sabbath Blessing

> Molly wrote:
> >I have found out something in the last week, however, and that is that I 
> >can choose to immerse myself in the terror and the horror, and anticipate
> >further terrors and horrors, or I can say the hell with it and get on with
> >business as best I can......

Yes, and it is hard.  My husband just left for 'Airport Alert' as a flight
attendant, based at the Newark Airport.  'Airport Alert' is jargon for a
wait in the crew room for four hours, in case needed to supply for
colleagues who do not show up.  Since he does not have, or want, a regular
line, this kind of duty is routine for a couple of days each month, when
he has not been assigned a specific international fight.

He's delighted at this moment still to be employed, as Continental has
laid off thousands. He has very little seniority, so his status is going
to be 'iffy' for a long time, if he's lucky enough to stay employed.  He
loves this job more than any he has ever had.  It is a perfect fit with
his gifts.  If you have seen the movie "Babbet's Feast," you know Ernest.  
He is Babbet.  He gets enormous pleasure out of serving even rude and
unpleasant people.

His jeopardy does not begin to compare with that of so many, many others,
over whom we, like the rest of you, have anguished.  We watched the
implosion on tv and then watched the rest aghast from our apartment
windows, with a full view from the GW to the Verazanno bridges -- the
burning, the toppling of each tower, and then the week of smoldering,

I kissed him nervously as he left, handsome in his bright uniform.  I'm
scared he will go to work, and I am scared he won't.  

We bought some bbq last week from Brothers, the best soul bbq in NJ, and I
was drooling when I started to eat it.  Then I noticed the pastic knife.

Deliver us from evil.  Deliver us from evil.


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