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Your response to the commitment made to homosexual persons at Lambeth

Gentle Bishop,

I would appreciate your sharing with me, in any format that you find
convenient, a description of specific ways that your part of the Anglican
Communion has acted, or expects to act, on the two-part commitment bishops
made to homosexual persons three years ago at Lambeth:  1) "to listen to
the experience of homosexual people" and 2) "to assure them that they are
loved by God."

I will report all responses (and non-responses) that I receive back to
this list, and will also publish that report on my Anglican pages and in
various other venues.

Send your responses by email to lcrew@andromeda.rutgers.edu or by snail
mail to Louie Crew, Diocese of Newark, 31 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ

I rejoice that bishops made these commitments.  May God give you joy as
you live into them.

Please call on me If I can be of any service in helping you connect.

Faithfully yours,
Louie Crew, Ph.D, D.D.


Here is the specific section of the resolution at Lambeth:

    c. recognises that there are among us persons who experience
       themselves as having a homosexual orientation. Many of these are
       members of the Church and are seeking the pastoral care, moral
       direction of the Church, and God's transforming power for the
       living of their lives and the ordering of relationships, and we
       commit ourselves to listen to the experience of homosexual
       people.  We wish to assure them that they are loved by God and 
       that all baptised, believing and faithful persons, regardless of
       sexual orientation, are full members of the Body of Christ;

       See the full resolution at 

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