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Many are called but few are chosen

General Convention begins July 30, 2003.

All deputies must be elected by July 30, 2002, less than a year away.

The dioceses of New Jersey, New York and the Rio Grande have already
elected their deputations, listed at

Electing diocesan conventions for the rest of 2001 may be found at
http://www.episcopalchurch.org/webpages/diocnvns.html and those for 2002
at http://www.episcopalchurch.org/webpages/dcnvns02.html

Utah and South Dakota will be the next to elect, with conventions in

In many dioceses it is already time to nominate deputies, and that process
will continue over the next year.  If you don't know how the process
works, contact anyone in your diocese who served as a deputy in 2000,
listed with known email addresses at

I urge each person reading this message to pause for at least fifteen
minutes of meditation about the importance of these elections and the need
for us to elect the most talented and trusted persons to serve at General
Convention.  As part of your meditation, consider who is not now
adequately represented and make a list of those who might best represent
them.   Then is is possibly wise to stop meditating and make a couple of
crucial phone calls.

Be concerned not only about 2003, but also about 2006, 2009....

Many of us had to run more than once before getting elected.  It is
important for qualified people to get their names out there to be
considered for the long haul.  The election process often leads to their
being considered for other service in the diocese.

God bless the Episcopal Church.  God bless General Convention.


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