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Re: VTS article

On Yesterday 10:44pm xxxaol.com wrote:

> Dear Louie;
> I am a fan of your web site and my ears perk when I hear your name and what 
> you are up to.  I am rather curious, however, as to why you have posted this 
> article on VTS (More on the Virginia Seminary Episode in 1979) twenty 
> something years after the incident cited.  I thought that perhaps it was 
> because of the statement from Bishop Denis Sengulane but then I realized that 
> that was two years ago.  So why now bring this up and why tell the story 
> without talking about the atmosphere of the seminary today?  
> Thank you;

My two recent posts regarding VTS (be sure to see them both) were
addressed to the Integrity discussion list, where they addressed issues
already under discussion there.  That forum is also interested in reports
of lbg networking from an earlier time.  I placed them in my natter
collection, where I store a random sample of my ongoing discourse; never
do I write items just for the collection.

There has never been any attempt at VTS to counterstate to me the
inhospitality that I experienced at VTS in 1979.  I would accept an
official invitation to visit VTS to see what the situation is there now.

Since your name is not yet in the Electronic Clerical Directory, am
I correct in assuming that you studied at VTS recently?  I would welcome
your assessment of the current situation there, especially the ways in
which lesbigay seminarians are likely to be valued there.

Thanks for your interest in my website.

Joy to all through your ministry.


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