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More on the Virginia Seminary Episode in 1979

The booing occurred while David Allen Scott and I were debating on lbg
issues, and I got the impression that his students were trying to butter
him up by their rudeness.

The Virginia Churchman reported the event:

"Debate Highlights Homosexual Issues."  =Virginia Churchman= April 1979:
2. David Virtue.  

Note well who wrote the article.  David was at that time the editor of
=The Virginia Churchman=

In 1994, 15 years after the episode, I described the students'
inhospitality to Martha Horne when she became dean and president, noting
that of all and dozens dozens of campuses where I have spoken, VTS was the
most hostile.  She said that she feared it was still very hostile at the
time but that she would do all she could to change it.

Fearing that I may have exaggerated the abuse in the strange way that time
modifies our perception, I got a more objective view of what had actually
happened in the strangest way.  Two summers ago, I was a dinner guest in
the home of Bishop Denis Sengulane in Maputo, Mozambique, while traveling
with Bishop Shimpfky and Bishop Duracin, my colleagues on the Standing
Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns.  At
the dinner were also several people with an evangelical missionary group
from America.  One of them took me aside at one point and said, "You have
never met me, and you will probably think I am your enemy traveling with
this group.  But I respect you, and you need to know that in a profound
way you changed my life."

"How," I asked, thinking he must exaggerate.

"You once debated a professor at Virginia Seminary and I was there
visiting to see whether that was the seminary that I should attend.  When
I saw how cruelly they treated you, I knew that I did not want to go


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