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Re: Alpha

Ted, you asked what parishes are doing who are not using Alpha, rightly
putting the onus on us to do something to assure that Episcopalians are
nourished by Scripture.

Some gifts are not welcome.

I have been a member of only one parish that had bible study, and if the
others were to have it, I doubt that the rectors would even consider my
teaching the class.  In my parish in the Diocese of Fond du Lac that did
have a bible class, the rector allowed me to co-teach it with a university
colleague only after the colleague said that he would resign as teacher if
I were not allowed to do so.

I have not been any more welcome at seminaries of the Episcopal Church.
VTS is the only one where I have ever been asked to speak, and I was booed
on that occasion (1979).

I taught the Bible in academia for 44 years.  Since undergraduates
survived serious study of Scripture, and typically elected the second
course in the sequence, I am perplexed at why the Episcopal Church so
fiercely protects our members from it.

I am glad that I was brought up Baptist or I might never have developed a
taste for the Bible except as Musak for liturgy.

No Sunday school program has the time to do the job that needs to be done
for those who get serious.

In our work with the New Commandment Task Force again and again
conservatives were surprised that Scripture is so obviously vital to me. I
was just as surprised to find that the real thing was obviously vital to
some of them.


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