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More on Alpha

I was particularly burned about Alpha when I rode in the taxi to the
airport from Kanuga with a Lady who had been brought by
the Archbishop of Canterbury to promote Alpha at a Kanuga Conference on
Evangelism, to which Jack Spong had sent me as his personal envoy in 1995.
She began a version of it for the British House of Lords, where her
husband serves.

I had rather liked her presentation, and in the taxi asked her whether it
would be appropriate to use in my ministry with lesbians and gays.  She
freaked out, abruptly said "only if they repent," and turned so as to have
no more conversation with me.  Having been beaten up by African bishops
all week (Linda Strohmier had introduced me as an evangelist who had
brought thousands into or back in to ECUSA), with George Carey only a few
feet away but too unconcerned to speak a compassionate word. her unkindness
seemed all of a piece.  (The conference was so vicious that at one point
Roger Boltz asked if he could come over and sit with, so embarrassed was
he by the tenor of the attacks.)

I recognize that the antigay part of the official alpha materials is a
small portion of them, but it so poisonous that I cannot imagine how
people can think it is enough just not to use those.  They are integral to
the program from the point of its creator and many who promote the


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