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+Dixon & Edwards+

Just what specific policy do you think Bp. Iker or Bp. Dixon are, or
should be, willing to follow if proposed by the Presiding Bishop or from
Executive Council in this instance?  You fault us for lacking invention
and cleverness.  Help us out with some specifics.

In doing so, remember Executive Council does not have the powers of a
curia, nor does the House of Bishops.  Our Presiding Bishop is 'primate'
in title only, but with no constitutional authority to overide diocesan
bishops regarding decisions in their own dioceses.  I am very grateful for
these limitations.  Daniel Defoe once observed:

        And of all plagues with which mankind are curst,
        Ecclesiastic tyranny's the worst.

ECUSA's Constitution and Canons invest in the dioceses matters of letters
dimissory and clerical appointments.  Presentments may be sought if
persons feel that those matters have been conducted in ways that violate
diocesan and national constitutions and canons.

The Presiding Bishop early on made public his personal support of Bishop
Dixon in refusing to license Father Edwards.  He has met with both sides
of the controversy and is open to doing so again.

Those who lead would not be wise to exercise all of their leadership by
press releases or other public statements.  As I learned 44 years ago as a
schoolmaster patroling dormitory halls, it is better to say nothing than
to speak beyond one's authority.  A nonanxious quiet presence on the halls
is sometimes the most salutary response of all.


On Today 11:03am XXX XXX wrote:

> Besides the matter of Iker's speedy (and clever) filing of charges against
> Edwards in his own courts, where the outcome is probably one he can
> greatly influence, there is more that can be done by leadership than
> standing and waiting WITHOUT arrogating dictatorial powers.  Indeed
> leadership is primarily about expressing sentiments and direction
> intelligently and honestly, with both humility and courage.  It may be
> more present than I am aware, of course, but I do not see nor hear it
> much.  I have not heard Frank comment on so many situations I do not know
> where to start - indeed the only heartening bit of a quote I have from him
> is his warning against 'a dangerous fundamentalism'....
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> > > By what cannons or other actions of General Convention would the PB or
> > > Executive Council be able to do more than mediate?
> > >
> > > GC2000 authorized Executive Council to send a Task Force to report
> > > back.  We have chosen them; they are monitoring; they will report back.
> > >
> > > Why have democratic structures and then expect those democratically
> > > chosen to act autocratically?
> > >
> > > L.
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