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Re: [Qch] Rwandan violence

> Has no one anything to say about Bishop Musabyimana's arrest in 
> Nairobi?  Or his alleged involvement in Rwandan tribal genocide?

Indirectly we have been discussing it in the recent comments here about
whether every human being has dignity or whether only an elect group does.
Genocide, like slavery, can occur only when one group decides that another
group has no dignity.  Considering members of another group "inhuman" or
'sub-human" is often a prerequisite for giving oneself the right to abuse

Habyarimana's army had lots of reasons to demonize the Tutsi.  After all,
for hundreds of years the Tutsi had lorded it over the Hutu, arrogating to
themselves all property and all control while the Hutu toiled like feudal
serfs at a subsistence level.  Having won power, the Hutu feared those
whom they had unseated and reasoned that Only the final solution would
ever rid them of the threat of Tutsi revenge.  And unlike the Nazi
genocide, the Hutu genocide against the Tutsi was carried out not by a
select group of S.S. men, but by most of the Hutu, so that Tutsi blood
would be on most hands and so that they could share the guilt together.  
It was in that climate that Bishop Musabyimana is alleged to have betrayed
the Tutsi who came to the church for refuge.

The current Archbishop of Rwanda gives a more simplistic analysis.  He
says that the genocide occurred for the same reason that he spends so much
of his time away from Rwanda attacking lesbigays in ECUSA, namely that
ECUSA and Rwanda turned from following Jesus.

Yet it seems to have made little difference that Rwanda was the most
Christian nation in all of Africa while all this happened, in terms of the
percentage of people professing Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

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