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Re: proud male heterosexual...

> << Why should not a student proud of
> his heterosexuality be able to display it? >>

I think of hetero pride displayed on T-shirts much the same way that in college
in the 1950s I reacted to the NAAWP (the National Association for the Advancement
of White People).  While I would defend to my death the freedom of anybody to
speak foolishness, I am not obligated to deny that it is foolishness.  The folks
joining the NAAWP were not the ones advancing white people.  By contrast, those
who joined the NAACP were advancing the entire human race.

Anyone needing to wear a T-shirt to display hetero-pride is missing out on
millions of more efficacious ways to manifest it.

In maintaining the E-Directory of Lesbigay Scholars
(http://newark.rutgers.edu~lcrew/lbg_edir.html), I sometimes get queries from
straight scholars working in academic areas of gender and sexuality, asking me
whether they might be listed.  After all, Chronicle of Higher Education has
called it "The best way to find out about new research on issues of sexuality."
Of course they are welcome, I reply, and they are free to announce their plumbing
in their entries if they feel a need.  Most are strong enough in themselves  not
to, and I suspect that many more heterosexuals are listed than have even bothered
to tell me.  That's hetero-pride worth admiring.

Many straight friends now get a rush of joy like that of Christians in the
catacombs when they recognize that they are being mistaken for lesbigay for
hanging around with us.  Many straight Christians recognize that they are marked
as Christ's own when they, like Jesus, share our stigma.  That kind of hetero
pride commands my respect, and I refuse to honor any tacky substitute.

It is a question of attitude, a mental thing.  As Brother Thorn-in-the-Flesh has
written:  Let this mind be in us, which was also in Christ Jesus, who, though in
the form of God, did not think that equality with God [or any other privilege]
was a thing to be grasped at, but humbled himself, even to death on the cross.

That's what many of the finest heterosexual Christians are doing.  Bless them!


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