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Images of Lesbigays from Pride Parades

> I do wish that for a while discretion could be used by participants in such
> public events, simply for reasons of public relations strategy/education.  I
> realize that for "idealists" this discretion would seem too compromising,
> but at this point I'm a pragmatist.  This p.r. did not advance "the cause"
> or educate the public.  (Even "good taste" drag is not intrinsic to
> homosexual orientations.)  Is it too much to ask that we plan our public
> events in ways that educate the public positively: e.g., two dads or two
> moms with their children, etc., etc.?  If one were to equate that picture -
> and ones often used by the press - with homosexuality, the public at large
> cannot be faulted for saying that they don't want THAT ordained or teaching.

In one of the early gay pride parades in Chicago, about 1976, our
Integrity chapter rented a very old pick-up truck, gussied it up with
decent gothic arches and an ancient pump organ, and rode on it in proper
choir robes singing Anglican plainsong, with a thurifer performing
gloriously the medieval chore of making lesser folk smell good as they

Unfortunately the old truck had a leaking radiator and had to stop for
water about every two blocks, with steam pouring forth, and on one of
these stops a transexual jumped aboard, proudly pulled out one of his new
teats, and the crowd cheered endlessly.

What a glorious icon about inclusion!

I remember going at midnight, which seemed somehow appropriate, to see Les
Cage Aux Foilles (sp?) for the first time, and scrunching down in my seat
more and more as I wondered what on earth straight folks present would
deduce about Ernest and me from the film, until finally I scrunched low
enough to enjoy the film as it was meant to be enjoyed, quite unconcerned
about what other folks might think.

I do not draw my conclusions about straight folks from their antics in
Shriners parades, but maybe I should: maybe they would seem lots more
joyful and fully human.

I have often fantacized showing up at GC in drag.  The best I have managed
so far is to show up as Quean Lutibelle.  When I stop doing that, Louie
Crew had better stay at home too, because Lutibelle is a lot nicer.


Love, Lutibelle of the Alabama Belles/Louie

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