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Stereotypes of Conservatives

> > For a few years I've had the impression that conservatives are very willing
> > to deceive and lie to get their way.  This applies to religious, moral, and
> > political conservatives.  Is this fair, or are my perceptions self-serving?
> >
> It is this libertarian's view that your perceptions are simply
> unbalanced. ....

I agree with you.  Having spent more time with conservative Episcopalians
during the last 16 months than I have done in my whole life combined
before that, I have immense respect for the personal integrity of those
whom I have encountered through the New Commandment Task Force -- most of
them leaders of our 'opposition' in ECUSA.  I hope that I can be as
faithful to Christ as most of these are.  I am humbled by their obvious
love and affection for me without patronizing me and without changing
their convictions about the error of my faith choices. I am even more
impressed by the substantive ways we have been able to collaborate.

Nor are these just isolated special cases.  Having my own blinders off, I
have learned to see Christ at work in others, especially now that I
expect to.

In these encounters, my liberal views have been strengthened, but my
stereotypes of conservative Episcopalians have been blasted.  

Good riddance!  I no longer put much stock in sorting people by this


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