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Integrity Uganda Chapter

>  Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 23:40:36 -0800 (PST)
>  From: Louie Crew <Louie_Crew@excite.com>
>  To: emkaeton@aol.com, lcrew@newark.rutgers
>  Subject: Integrity Uganda Chapter
>  Cc: Louie_Crew@excite.com
>  Please pass this along to the bishops-deputies list, to Integrity
>  Lightspeed, and to epidionwk.
>  Gentle Elizabeth,
>  The article below appeared in a major Kampala newspaper on Tuesday.  I
>  learned about it for the first time when handed a copy at breakfast,
>  which I went to a meeting with the Archbishop and several other bishops
>  diocesan leaders. I did not meet local Integrity leaders until the next
>  when they invited me to speak with them. I will give an account of both
>  meetings in a separate message.
>  Please keep in your prayers this courageous group of Christians.  Keep in
>  your prayers the spiritual leaders of this place that they may have the
>  willingness to listen to those whom they have publicly scorned as
>  Lutibelle/Louie
>  [P.S.  I have very limited access to email.  Please do not reply to this
>  account.  I will respond to replies to lcrew@andromeda.rutgers.edu only
>  after I return late on Monday. -- L.
>  From THE NEW VISION [Kampala, Uganda], February, 2001
>  We wish to respond to a press release of the House of Bishops of Church
>  Uganda dated February 1, 2001 which condemned the good efforts of our
>  organization as an outlandish feature from the Episcopal Church of the
>  (Anglican Church in the States).
>  Integrity Uganda Chapter is NOT aimed at encouraging any particular
>  orientation like homosexuality, lesbianism, heterosexualism, bestiality
>  On the contrary, it is aimed at celebrating full human sexuality as a
>  to be honored and cherished by all people of all ideologies, race and
>  cultures.  One of the beauties of our Anglican faith is, despite ou
>  different diversities, we still hold together around our instruments of
>  Unity.
>  This chapter is about listening to our brothers and sisters in our midst
>  do not necessarily share our views on anything being sexuality, politics,
>  religion etc; knowing well listening and sharing has provoked in us the
>  desire to pray for one another as all children of God in need of
>  This Chapter is about listening process as part of our response to the
>  Lambeth 1988 Resolution 64, 153, 155 and 156, which the Church of Uganda
>  Bishops were a part of and very recently Lambeth 1998 Resolution 1.10 a,
>  c, d and e  Integrity Uganda Chapter is also a response to a consultation
>  initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in consultation with the
>  Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States involving bishops of
>  shades and opinions.  The Bishop of Kitgum, the Rt. Rev. MacBaker Ochala
>  one of Church of Uganda Bishops, attended this consultative meeting.  We,
>  therefore, find this statement very hypocritical of the Bishops of the
>  Church of Uganda as it is spurious.
>  We want to make it categorically clear that Integrity-Uganda is not an
>  influence from the West.  It is simply a local initiative borne by a
>  need amongst Anglicans in Uganda.  It is a clear reflection to the Church
>  that Uganda like any other country has its share of diversity and
>  which goes to the very root of her human identity and seuality.  This
>  for pastoral sensitivity and support.  And because this as a local
>  initiative, we are proud to have a strong Episcopal oversight provided
>  by one of hte Bishops of the Church of Uganda, who is our Chairman.
>  Finally, Integrity Uganda is a wake-up cal to all Church of Uganda
>  who are still playing the "ostrich".  It is no longer enough to run away
>  from this issue or drag any foreign Church or organization into this
>  cause.  Isntead, as our Apostolic fathers, Bishops of Church of Uganda
>  quickly gather momentum as set by the Archbishop of Canterbury, our
>  instrument of unity and honor the resolutions they themselves signed at
>  Lambeth 1988 (Resolutions 64, 153, 154, and 155) and Lambeth 1998
>  (Resolution 1: 10 a, b, c, d, e, f and g).  These resolutions state in
>  that the issue of sexuality is far from resolved.  All Anglican Churches,
>  rather than intimidating their followers, must endeavor to give practical
>  encouragement and support to all Anglicans by way of further listening,
>  study and undertanding of this subject in the light of Scriptures.
>  Kamoga Abbey,
>  Secretary and President, Integrity-Uganda Chapter
>  P. O. Box 28097
>  Kampal-Uganda
>  _______________________________________________________
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