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Re: [HoB/D] Hiding In Plain Sight

> Hi Bill:  Your suggestion is a good one - but I must add - I think something
> like that is in place in hudnreds of congregations throughout the US right
> now - including lots of Episcopal churches.  I know personally of several in
> just as many dioceses.  Walter Righter

I agree with you both, but it is still not enough just to rescue folks.  Our
situation parallels those in a village who daily see a baby on a raft floating
alone down the river.  Obviously we must rescue each baby that we can, but we
also need to send some scouts up the river to find out who is throwing the
babies into water in the first place.

How is it that the wealthiest nation in the world tolerates poverty and
homelessness?  We're wrestling here not just against poverty and homelessness,
but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high

Ernest and I went to live in Asia in 1983, and when we returned in 1987 we
noticed two major changes:  the dramatic increase in the numbers of the
homeless, whom we rarely saw before we left; and the dramatic increase in the
number of stretch limousines.

Another shelter, another soup kitchen..... these we must have.  But we must
never assume that we can fix a broken leg with a Band-Aid.



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