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Change takes time.  When Ernest and I lived in Asia (83-87) frequently
Chinese would spot that we were both left-handed and exclaim in utter
amazement, "No left-handed people in all of China!"  

That's not surprising.  Only during the same period did China's sister
state, Russia, decriminalize left-handedness.  In both countries parents
worked very hard to surpress any beloved child's left-handedness in hopes
of the child's escaping the grave stigmas associated with it.  Even in the
West the Romans had called it 'sinister' and the French 'gauche.'

> Some of us are truly tired of being told it's ok
> to be who we are just as long as we don't act on it.

I used to feel that way, but no longer do.  To the extent that I am able I
refuse to give others that much power over my life to make me weary.  

It is very important for us not to bid for others' acceptance; we already
have God's acceptance, and if we don't bask in that, flourish in that,
many others may never see Jesus nor know how much God loves them.

Jesus commands us to go to a community, preach the truth in love, and if
we are not received, to go to the edge of town, stomp the dust of that
place from our feet, and go to the next place.  He does not command us to
stay there to convert every last one of them.  Nor is it about ourselves
that we bear witness, but about Jesus.

Many generations will pass before some parishes will welcome folks like
you and me.   Do not be overly troubled by that.  

Be less concerned with whether people like us or approve of us and more
concerned with telling everyone how very much Jesus loves absolutely

Queer, for Christ's Sake

On Yesterday 9:27pm Bruce Garner wrote:

> It's probably an old analogy, but I will offer it anyway.  Should a person
> born left-handed be told that it is ok to be left-handed just so long as
> they do not  USE their left hand?  Well for those of us whose sexual
> orientation is toward those of the same sex, we hear the same message worded
> slightly differently:  It's ok for you to be homosexual in orientation just
> as long as you do not act upon your orientation.
> Think about how ludicrous it would be for someone whose orientation is
> heterosexual to be told it was ok to be heterosexual as long as they didn't
> act on their orientation.  Some of us are truly tired of being told it's ok
> to be who we are just as long as we don't act on it.
> My sexuality as well of the rest of what makes up my being is a wonderful
> gift from God.  From my perspective God gave me all the gifts I have
> received to be utilized to the glory of God and in great thanksgiving for
> those gifts.
> Bruce Garner
> Atlanta

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