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Are we growing in radical, expansive, and welcoming Christian love?

>> The question about
>> whose backs are being turned on growth in Christian love is asked with equal
>> fervor on both sides of this debate. Are we growing in a radical, expansive
>> and welcoming Christian love? 
> That is the question, and I fear the answer is no.

I disagree.  Many, many are reaching out to one another in love across
the theological boundaries that separate us.  In no place have I more
vividly experienced that than during the morning, early in convention,
when we 'took the morning off' from regular business to wander around
the huge worship center in meditation and in prayerful encounters with
one another.  Blessings were whispered across all kinds of boundaries
there, and they are recorded in the heart of God.

If you have not recently visited a parish near you that is radically
different in theology and worship from your own, I encourage you to do
so soon.   And when you are there, enJOY God's presence in the faces. 

Frequently invite someone to lunch who disagrees with you, and enjoy
the feast. 

When any one of us pushes to remake the church into the image of our
own parish, we miss out on the glorious diversity with which God has
already manifested God's self in ECUSA and in the Anglican Communion,
not to mention millions of other Christians as well. 

There is no one else 'out there' that can end the rancor that so
easily besets our church.  You and I must do that.  That job is not
very difficult when we understand how very much God loves us, and that
God loves every bit as much those with whom we disagree.  

We must resist casting ourselves in the role of the elder brother,
fearful that if God blesses prodigals our own blessing will
diminish.   In God's economy there is bountiful, unending inheritance
for us all.   Kill the fatted calf.


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