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[HoB/D] A bread and butter note

Beloved colleagues,

If people ask you about the salting episode at General Convention,
there are some important details you need to include which are not
generally known:

Only one person did that.  Instead of setting us apart, it has
dramatically brought us closer together, as in time it will bring us
closer to the one who did the salting.

At my request, the Bishop of Dallas graciously met with the Newark
deputation for over half an hour on Wednesday July 12  in the Bishop
of Newark's hospitality suite.   Members of the Dallas deputation were
especially kind to our deputation throughout the convention, and I
treasure the Dallas Cowboys cup with Texas blue bonnets that they gave
me for our table in Denver.  It is now on my desk here at home.   Both
Bishop Stanton and Bishop Croneberger hope that the two dioceses can
find ongoing ways to collaborate.

You also need to know that while most of us sang and prayed together
just after the salting, two deputies from West Texas got down on
their hands and cleaned the salt from under our tables when the
official cleaning group was slow in arriving.    Almost immediately
orchids showed up at our table from the deputies of Rochester.  Cards
poured into us.  Hundreds connected to us with other acts of kindness.

I speak for myself and for all members of our deputation in saying
thank you, thank you, thank you.

Salt is a healer still.  There's a sweet, sweet spirit in this
church.  The world sorely needs this same love which is ours to give
in God's name.



Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., #12D, East Orange, NJ 07018-1225
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew   973-395-1068

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