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Re: What do you think of the resolution from SCLM?

A conservative friend responded to my first answer to this question by
challenging my account of the Port St. Lucie Statement.

> you must hear and accept
> that we do not remember it that way

Of course we progressives must hear that you do not remember the Port St.
Lucie statement that way, and must accept the fact that you do not
remember it that way.  However, we cannot accept that the way you
remember it is the way that it was.

It is no more helpful to deny progressives our understanding of Port
Lucie than it is for us  to deny conservatives your understanding. 
Reconciliation is hard work.  It will not likely happen if parties on
either side feel they must not name the truth as they understand it.

One reason that I projected my response to matters 25 years from now
regarding the current conflicts is that I don't want to negotiate with
any false expectations about what I seek. More specifically:  I do not
now seek a canon requiring dioceses to enable the blessings of same-sex
relationships, but I would seek such a canon 25 years down the road if
the Spirit had led all but a few hold-out dioceses  into enabling such
blessings to occur in congregations that sought to do them.  The Spirit
will not lead most dioceses into permitting them if the blessed relations
fail to manifest the fruits of the Spirit.  Gamaliel's principle is not
open ended but implies that there is a time at which the body can assess
the effects of innovation.

While I grieve that First Promise and Forward in Faith seem poised to
leave ECUSA, I will not negotiate from a position of being hostage to
that threat.  Nor is it spiritually healthy for anyone continually to
demand that others give them by force what they have not been able to
receive by winning the hearts of deputies.    I hope First Promise and
Forward in Faith adherents will stay, and I welcome them with open arms,
sensitive to the irony that my arms are the last from which they seek

I agree with you that minority rights need to be protected.  I am pleased
with the many concrete suggestions that the New Commandment Task Force
has already proposed towards that end and rejoice that those negotiations
will continue.  [See http://members.aol.com/newcmndment/] 
Three Newark deputies have participated in regional
meetings to date.

Best wishes.


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