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Re: [HoB/D] Re: AAC Press Release

On Yesterday 11:40am a bishop wrote:

> If we are honest with a homosexual 
> person, and tell them what we truly feel, I wish I knew how to have it come 
> across in a way reflects our love for them

Lesbians and gays remember too well when we had no freedom but the freedom
to speak how we truly feel.  We would be gravely wrong to deny you your
right to speak how you truly feel.  You do that well, and often.  That is
not, however, how we determine whether you love us.

Lesbigays are your blood kin, united to you in the blood of Jesus Christ.
Have you been present with us when we have been kicked out of our jobs?
Have you been present with us when we have been denied access to our gay
partners of decades when they are sick and in the hospital?  Have you been
present with us when we have been excoriated and called all manner of evil
names by the Rightwing press of ECUSA, when our lover's names have been
invoked with ridicule and mockery?  Have you had an AIDS buddy whom you
have walked into eternal life?  Have you sought out lesbians and gays for
companionship and hospitality, or an even surer witness, have lesbigay
people considered you their friend enough to invite you to dinner, as
sinners welcomed Jesus?

I don't know the answers to those questions.  

I do know that days before your retirement you signed the presentment that
brought Bishop Righter to trial.  When our Presiding Bishop met with a
national meeting of Integrity in your diocese, your own former diocesan
press officer scolded you in an article in [your local newspaper] for your
inhospitality to the PB and to us.  Bishop Theuner told another Integrity
convention that you once shared with him how absolutely awful it is to go
to the Rotary Club as the bishop of a church that is soft on gays.

Acts of loving kindness can speak louder than your voting record though 
acts of loving kindness are often harder for others to know about. I will 
be happy to report throughout the whole of cyberspace any of your acts 
of compassion that have not yet come to my attention from you or from 
the lesbigay persons in your diocese.

I love you, my brother.   Pray for me, a sinner. 


       What does God require?  DO justice.  LOVE mercy.  Walk humbly.

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