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Trying to understand First Promise

> I would strongly urge caution about any sweeping statements at this time.
> In the diocese of South Carolina, simply because one of the priests of this
> diocese was involved in the Singapore "consecrations," I am struggling with
> a degee of weariness as the diocese is described in broad brush strokes, oft
> times in support of these actions.  The reality is, like a lot of dioceses,
> we are anything but a monolith, and there is a whole plethora of responses
> throughout the diocese (I have chosen not to make one for many reasons, not
> the least of which is that I still cannot get even basic questions answered
> about what really happened).

Kendall, I am discouraged.  If you can't get basic questions answered,
I do not know who can.  I note that four deputies and first alternates
(out of 1,028, or .38%) are among the 127 who signed the 1997 original
First Promise Statement, listed with the Statement itself at

  The Rev. Christopher Cantrell, c4 Fort Worth ctcan@flash.net
  The Rev. James W. Cubine, c5 West Tennessee StAndCol@aol.com
  The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon, c2 South Carolina
  The Rev. Woodleigh Volland, c5 South Carolina woodyv@awod.com

One more deputy lists First Promise in his entry in the Clerical

  The Rev. H. Jay Atwood, c5 Fort Worth 

Can the five of you advise us what to expect next.  Are your own
congregations likely to leave ECUSA?  Who is expected to leave next? 
Is there a plan for who leaves when?  

In trying to understand First Promise, I was curious as to why only
clergy signed this commitment?  Are lay persons prominent in the
leadership of First Promise?

I noted that only 2 of the 127 (1.6%) of initial signers are women.
Was that an accident?  Has that percentage grown? (Note: 38.7% of all
deputies and first alternates are women) 

I note of the five deputies who signed the First Promise Statement,
three of you graduated from Trinity School for Ministry.  That led me
to look at the seminaries of all the signers and to compare them with
the seminaries of all the clergy deputies, in descending order of
those seminaries most attended by the signers of the First Promise

First Promise	 Seminary	Deputies & 1st alternates
	26.0%	 VTS		16.3%
	16.5%	 TESM		2.1%
	7.9%	 Nashotah	8.4%
	7.9%	 U South	7.4%
	3.9%	 ESTSW		3.5%
	3.9%	 ETS/EDS	6.0%
	3.9%	 SWTS		7.6%
	3.9%	 GTS		10.9%
	3.1%	 Berkeley	3.5%
	1.6%	 CDSP		7.0%
	0.8%	 Bexley		0.8%
	20.5%	 Other		26.5%
(Note: in both categories persons who hold degrees from more than one
seminary were counted with each.)

Does that distribution reflect the more evangelical emphases at
Virginia and Trinity?

Thanks in advance for any light you can cast on the issues that
concern us all.

Louie Crew, Chair, Diocese of Newark Deputation to GC2000
377 S. Harrison St., 12D, East Orange, NJ 07018-1225. 973-395-1068
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/rel.html  Anglican Pages

               There are 109 days left until General Convention.
Kendall Harmon responded:

>Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 16:18:16 -0500
>From: kendall harmon <ksharmon@mindspring.com>
>To:     GC deputy and bishop discussion list 
>Subject: clarifying basic information
>Louie, I am not surprised by all the confusion, and trust that the truth
>will emerge in God's time.  You are asking some very pertinent questions.
>Can I start by observing that one of your statements is not correct?  I did
>NOT sign the first promise statement, and they incorrectly listed me as
>having done so.  I had to call them in order to ask that this incorrect
>information listed on their website be corrected. I was invited to the first
>meeting as a theological observer, and did so, choosing thereafter simply to
>watch the movement unfold without ever signing the FP document.
>This issue, as is sometimes the case, gets very personal for me in that I
>was asked by Chuck Murphy to come to All Saints, Pawley's Island, to direct
>an adult education center there a couple of years back.  We negotiated this
>for over a year, and unfortunately these discussions ended with a mutual
>agreement  between Chuck Murphy and myself that I was not called to serve in
>this way.
>The fact that the Rev. Terrell Glenn, one of South Carolina's clerical
>deputies to the last General Convention in Philadelphia, has now asked for
>his orders to be renounced
>only further complicates the situation.
>The Rev. Dr. Kendall S. Harmon
>Deputy, South Carolina

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