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Re: vote.com on lesbigay marriages

STRACHAND@aol.com wrote:
> No I don't support same sex marriages.
> When God created a partner for Adam he created Eve and called her woman, not
> another Adam.  He was careful in structuring  the bodies of a man and of a
> woman that they would make a pair,  God knew what he was doing.  In saying
> that God would approve of same sex marriages is to say that God made a
> mistake, I know he did not.
> Any way who ever heard of someone wearing two left side shoes or two right
> side gloves, it just does not make sense, does it?
> God Bless, Dawn

Thanks for your feedback via the epdionwk list.  Who are you, and what
is your parish?  vote.com is designed to let you register whatever
side you take.

My God created not just Adam and Eve, but also Adam and Steve, plus
Eve & Margaret,  Dawm, Adrian & Andrew,  Anno & John,  Kim-Ming,
Austin,  Barbara,  Bernie,  Beryle & Edna,  Betty,  Bill & Michael, 
Bob,  Bron & Bruce,  Caryl,  Catherine,  Charles & Cheryl,  Clarence &
Clifton,  Conrad,  David & Joseph,  Jim & Jo Ann, Irl & Sharon & Jack,
Ana & Tawanna, Tim & Tom, Kim & Scott, Chris,  Mae Del & Clifton, Ed &
Patty, Flo, Joe, Kit, Nan, Ned, Ric, Zou, Wan-kan, Anthony & Evens,
Win-win, Eula & Bubbah, Lula & Erman, Bets, Horace, Annakali & Susan,
Ronald, Rasalind, Bryan & Luc, Susan, Eliana, Lazaro, Libby, T. C. &
Ted, Joyce, Marcela & 
Marge, Nancy, Linda & Liz, Gordon & Grace, Mike & Mildred, Connie, 
Hale, Jane, Eugenie & Eunice, Peter, James, Ernest & Louie, Janet,
Geoffrey, Wilfred, Sergio, Douglas, Ruth Ann, Michael, Richard &
Robert, Kathleen & Kay, Fifi & Fletcher, Marie, Juliette, Regina &
Rhoda, Maxine, Monique, Doris, Louis, Louise, Judith, H. J., Nick &
Barnet, Jack & Christine, Jack & Linda, Mark, H. K., Parker, Earl &
Edgar, Paul & Victor, Neil & Ethel, Neil, Nella & Nicholas, Hillary &
Bill, William & Winston, William, Guilio & Jesus, Thomas, Raymond,
Inan & Elizabeth, John & Jon, Gwen, Jean, Joan, Francis, Ewing &
Fernando, Zhang & Wu, Dennis, Frank, Avinash, Saunders, Cynthia &
Beckie, Orris, Marcy, Tilly, Chad, Archie, Derrick, Juan, Beulah,
Cheryle, Huntington, Carlos, Cornelius, Derek, Claudia, Rollie &
Michael, Odoric, Ginette & Sallie, Demitrio & Alex, Glennes, Grant, L.
P. & Andrew, Lavinia, Leopold & Adolph, Edythe & Kathy, Carolyn & Dr.
Jay, Rand, Devon, Dorothy & Dot, Lorraine, Deirdre & Julian, Warren,
George, Gloria, Patrick, Sharon & Shujan, Henry, Russ, Luis & Lynn,
Otis & Pamela, Cassandra, Marshall & Martha Luz, Judson, Justin,
Milton, Victor & Wantu, Shiuanan, Zhouyi, Gervais, Steven, Melvin &
Merritt, Lloyd, Luo-Zhang, Adam & Eve, Lutibelle, Li Min Hua, and
absolutely everybody.  

She loves them all too!  Joy to the whole world!

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