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Under this rubric, then Bishops Murphy and Rodgers were justified?

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>  We should use our informed consciences to choose which rules we will and
>  will not obey.
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> This seems to be a recipe for theological and ecclesiastical anarchy.  

Does your conscience advise you towards anarchy?  Mine does not so
advise me. I live in Christian community and submit my faith choices
to the review of my community, even when that judgment is harsh. 
Twice parishes of which I have been a member (Dio. of Atlanta, 76;
Dio. of Fond du Lac, 80) have discussed my excommunication. The vestry
of one parish sent me a letter asking me to leave.  Were I an
anarchist, I would never have acknowledged their authority to
undertake these fierce reviews. They had real obligations to determine
how to respond to my faith claims, as do you.

> Under this rubric, then Bishops Murphy and Rodgers were justified?     John+

Justified?   Why do they need justification, mine or yours?  I do not
understand your question.  I am not judging them, any more than I
would any other bishop of Singapore or Rwanda.  

Chuck Murphy and John Rodgers made their own choices.  They are
bishops in Rwanda and in Singapore respectively.  They elected no
longer to be priests in our jurisdiction. I believe that Murphy may
even have forfeited his pension for this privilege, as do all others who
leave ECUSA before retirement.  I forfeited continued contributions to
mine at the University of Wisconsin when I moved to Hong Kong. 
(Retired, Rodgers was already vested in his, even if he becomes a
Taoist.)  Murphy and Rodgers requested and received letters

Why are you trying to justify them?  and why in the context of ECUSA? 
They freely chose no longer to be Episcopalians. That is their
privilege.  The Episcopal Church cannot deny them what it never gave
them:  they were not elected bishops here, nor have they any
jurisdiction here.  Have they even asked to be seated in the House of
Bishops?  No diocese has sent their papers to the Standing Committee
asking for our approval?  I should think no one will.  

Even after Ninevah repented, Jonah did not ask for a seat in Ninevah's
ecclesiastical assemblies.  Murphy and Rodgers have elected to 
judge our General Convention, not to become a part of it.

Since they are missionaries, I am confused by why they describe
themselves as missionaries to the saved, the truly righteous Anglican
remnant in ECUSA.  Missionaries normally come to those who are lost. 
Since they think I am lost, why are they not proposing to be
missionaries in the lesbigay community?   

Are you planning to invite them to speak at St. Michael's?  I will
gladly come hear what they have to say, and I have written to both
inviting them to dinner in our home if they are ever in the NYC area.

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