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How do we get beyond the current impasse re: human sexuality issues

It was good to be with you, as always.  I look forward to our working
together in Denver.

You are absolutely right that securing welcome for everyone will be the best
way to get us past the clogging of sexuality issue in our body politic.  We
won't get past the blockage by getting rid of either "side" or by reaching
full theological agreement.   Our communion never has had much theological
agreement on anything else either, unless we have chosen language to allow
lots of wiggle room.

Lesbigays have been waiting a long time.  That has made us impatient, but
also at a more fundamental level, perhaps more patient than those newly
stirred by visions of leaving if they don't get their own way.  The most
honest of those know that they are using lesbigays merely as the presenting
issue to larger concerns about theology and about institutional control.
That amounts to scapegoatiing lesbigays in ways they would never do about
divorce, for example, even though divorce just as clearly presents some of
the same issues about theology and institutional control.  That scapegoating
has to stop, here and in the Communion.  There has been very little humility
on the part of those making the loudest judgments.

Our church will survive the current struggles because Jesus lives in the
hearts of so many of us on all sides of these "issues" that divide us.  The
world needs us to move beyond our divisions as soon as possible.  The world
needs our servant ministry -- together.


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